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Fav. Office Time Killers


So many of us sit in an office type setting all day. Help some T-Nation bro's and sis' (sisses?) out. What do you do to pass time?

T-Nation of course. I like break.com and I LOVE reading missed connections on craigslist.

Some are ridiculous, fake et cetera but the genuine ones can be HILARIOUS! I try to picture the authors. I mean who, in a city of millions, thinks some chick they oggled from across the gym will read these first of all, and even if she did think "hmm. This must have been that creepy guy I never noticed. I should look him up."

Here are a few gems:

Staring is impolite but - m4w - 30 (24 Hour Fitness Pearland)

Date: 2011-09-08, 7:49AM CDT
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It is not very often you see a complete package.You really looked great doing your leg raises and crunch exercise routine. I just wanted to let you know, keep on crunching,
you are fabulous. Not sure but it looks like your favorite color might be pink.

In line at the pharmacy - m4w - 54 (west)

Date: 2011-09-08, 7:22AM CDT
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We were standing in line at the walmart pharmacy Wednesday night. I mentioned I should have stopped by earlier, and you said I could have probably breezed in and out then. Do you realize I had all that time in line to stare at your ASS? If there weren't all those people around, I would have loved to tell you how much I wanted to hug and cuddle that wonderful booty of yours. I would love to spread those glorious cheeks and plant a big one THERE! But, maybe you never quite recovered from the seemingly outrageous statement I made when I first walked up. Long shot if you see this, but, what was the statement? Or what shirt was I wearing? Would love to hear from you.


Dallas Cowboys.com
Read novels on my laptop Nook app.


What novel are you currently reading?


I have been hampered by life and have not been reading as much as normal.

I love fantasy, spy/thriller, and horror at times.


wow. talk about passive. this is only one step above asking some girl to give a note to the girl you like that says..."do you like me, yes or no".



It's addictive. Sometimes I'll casually "stumble" a bit before bed, but it ends up going well past an hour and I'm exhuasted.


Yep. Some of them are hilarious. It's fun to imagine the people involved and the situation, like the guy in the Wal Mart line. I bet he was cracking all kinds of stupid jokes, annoying pick up lines et cetera and the girl was a captive audience. The dude probably thought he was the man because she was listening to and even interacting with him, even if just to appease him and shut him up.

I would love to know what his magnificent opening line was.





I like this one also.

Man I will say that the internet has made people better typist and some better at writing.

However verbal communication has seriously fucking been damaged.

I have heard better conversations at a state school versus most high school kids now.


In my opinion, verbal communication skills (in multiple social settings) are a gift and quite rare. Considering the biggest general fear is to speak in front of an audience, it's little wonder the ability to communicate in all situations is a gift. It's an art in my opinion, that cannot be faked. If you lack self-confidence (many do) you simply do not have the "gift". You cannot fake genuine and moreover, you cannot fake "sincere".


Yeah, kids are fucking weird today.

Gone are the days of maybe an hour of tv here and there when GI Joe and the Ninja Turtles are on, then outside to run around, climb trees, build treehouses, shoot bb guns, light random fires, test themselves on kids from the neighborhood across the street, pick up football games and sports in general...

Sometimes I wonder what my son's friends would say if I interrupted their PS3 games to suggest a game of freeze tag in the backyard. Probably wouldn't even know what it is.

I've contemplated moving outside of Houston to a fairly rural community (Crosby) so my son can hang out with "real" boys. Assuming kids in Crosby take advantage of the lake and open land anyways.

I nudge him to outdoor activity, sports et cetera but for the life of me can't find a suitable friend for him to enjoy a real childhood. It's sad too, he likes all this stuff but all anyone wants to do is play games and shit.

I plan to enroll him in the cub scouts though, so for at least one night a week he can play with pocket knives, build stuff in real life and go camping with a group of friends occassionally.


Taking a shit.


Started using this a few months ago, awesome website! The app for android is also good.


HG I understand your concern believe me about kids.

However to survive in our future society he will need the best of all worlds, tech and non-tech. Socially let him do his things with his friends, family YOU do all the stuff to give him that non-tech country boy stuff.

Grow them to be well rounded, and can adapt to any situation in my opinion.


Yeah. I'll have him hunting, fishing et cetera for sure, I just hope he doesn't bring his future Android phone, handheld gaming device or what ever is out at the time. Kids just don't know how to unplug from one activity and in to another these days.

Wait.... I'm working and T-Nationing.... shit.


I remember being outside a lot too.

I think I also had more freedom and responsibility at a younger age too.

I mean would parent these days leave a 10 year old in charge of her younger siblings at the beach/in the neighborhood all day?


Houston Guy starts a lot of threads.


That is what maturity is though, and in boys it takes for fucking ever. But all the shit my dad made me do as a kid comes back to me now. Like plumbing, hunting etc.

To me that is what parenting is we do the hard stuff and the thankless stuff, over and over and over. And some day they come back and say "Hey dad I used to think you were a dumbass prick, but you know what you are really fucking smart".
Happened to me and will happen to my kids.


I usually work when I'm at work but that's just me i guess

(Note: I'm on lunch break now so don't bust my balls for posting now)