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Fav Men's Colognes

Ladies what r ur fav mens colognes?

Anything recognizable is going to be good. That means something that is fairly popular, but still nice. Women love their cosmetics and fragrances and that’s an “in” if you are looking to get laid. Anyway, check out which ones are the most popular. I think a few are Drakkar, CK1, and Cool Water. I’m sure there are others…


Keep in mind the scent of a cologne is highly dependent on who you happen to be dousing with it.


My wife’s fave is Chanel Anteus Por Homme. I don’t know how popular it is or well known but it’s what she likes on me.

Issac Miyake

My new scent favorite is Jean Paul Gaultiere or however you spell that. Even my friend’s mom and sister couldn’t stop smelling me. I think it has spanish fly in it.

A couple of good ones for you…

Dolce and Gabbana

…and at the risk of pissing off my own T-man for giving away his personal fav…
Body Kouros

ALL of these scents tend to get me in “the mood”. You can’t really go wrong with any of these.

Aqua Gio…by Armani

fitone you crack me up.
Issac… not quite.
if it come down to chosing between different scents you like go for the one that matches the bathroom decor, make it a feature, chicks love that shit…
Jean Paul and Issey both have cool bottles…

Swiss Army is wonders for me. 8 out of 10 ladies were categoric and loved it.

At around 50$ a bottle, one better do SOME polls before buying…

(Such a high percentage is kinda rare in a poll, whatever the subject, by the way.)

Acqua di Gio, Curve, Mambo, Jean Paul, Havoc by Body Shop, and Joop Nightflight (not the pink shit, the heterosexual version).

Kenneth Cole BLACK is nice. Versace’s greenjeans/blue jeans and black jeans are all cool too.
There’s a store at the mall that sells nothing but cologne, and has samples of all of them to use. Check it out

My everyday Cologne’s are

-Abercrombie & Fitch
-Abercrombie & Fitch: Woods

And my going out Coologne is

Dolce & Gabana


Acqua di Gio or Dolce/Gabbana.

Great smellin’ female attractin’ stuff!


Gucci Rush is good.

And Chanel.

And Diesel Plus Plus Masculine…



Nice to see all of the votes for my favorite…seriously…I even get turned on if my ex husband wears it…LMAO.

My signature is Christian Dior Fahrenheit (did I spell that right). I’m told that anything is good as long as it’s strong enough to be noticed, but not overpowering (actually I think I read that in Cosmopolitan)

Whoah! Did I just admit to reading cosmo on a bodybuilding site?

I think the key here is to have a scent that is truly distinctive. After all, who wants to be out with a girl a have them think that their ex/brother/friend wears the same cologne. Find a scent that you know less people are wearing and the woman will always associate that scent with you.