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Fav Liquour Thread


What do you like best? In what situation?

When I'm doin a case study or coolin with a lady friend I like to chill with a shot or two of 1 of these ( this is my private collection, not for partying )

Blavod Black Vodka
, Vampyre Red Vodka
Grey Goose Vodka
Absinthe Gothika
Di Sarrono
Vampyre Merlot

When its time to amp it up and party

I like

Blue Absinthe( Mainly a few shots before a party then I'm done drinking for the nght)
Bacardi Lemon
Yager (fuckin skanks)

No Beer for me except Red Stripe or Bud light Lime

so what yall drinkin?

I'm mostly nto Vodka and Absinthe, but I do venture out sometime


Remy Martin V.S.O.P for taste;

good ole Absinthe 85 (Thujone containing) if I want to party it up...


Jager holds a special place for me, but I do feel pushed away from it because of the "browskis." Jagerbombs are delicious though.
You can't NOT like vodka, because it has pretty much no taste and if you feel like a nice mix it mixes with everything.
I'm not greatly cultured in my alcohol, but I do like most everything. Jager it though, please don't hate me...


Not a big drinker, but Jack & Coke is a favorite.


If I'm buying for myself... Gin..
If not.. whatever is given to me.
I do like Vincent Van Gogh as a shot though.




Take whatever is there? very nice approach.


Abby Blue


Black Vodka


Vmpyre Red Vodka


My wife and I built a retro 50's style tiki bar in our house, so we are always stocked with the goodies!
Part of the rundown:
Rums are definitely on the list: Single-barrel Cruzan and Pussers are my favs for the weekend afternoons by the pool. Usually leads to NWS (nekkid wife syndrome).
We keep a few different Absolut flavored vodkas for V&Ts, usually pour those after work.
200+ bottles of various Napa Valley reds. These are for ALL occasions.
Kegerator of Miller Lite for party-time chugging.
At least one of each main liquor category (not a stocked bar otherwise).

The shame is, I'm cutting right now, so no drinky for me except maybe once a week.


Gothica here, mixed with red wine FIERCE!


I discovered raspberry stoli and sprite while at college...Oh the memories...



where do you get your Absinthe from?


I'm just starting out my bar. Hopefully I can build one like yours but not 50's but more of a Cyber/Goth setting.

your list is impressive, I geuss I have alot to learn. My stock is primarily vodka and absinthe of different varities and some home tweaks ( THC infusion)

It sucks for me too tho, I'm at my peak weight so I'm cutting too. I might drink 3 times this summer. Oh well, just moe time to stock the bar, right?


Im not into mixing drinks with pop it takes something out of it for me




I mostly drink beer. Shiner Bock is probably my favorite, followed up by Stella Artois and Dos Equis Ambar.

As far as liquor goes, I've always been a fan of Jack Daniels on the rocks or mixed with a little bit of coke. Gin and tonic has been growing on me a bit too. I've gone through a fair bit of Tanqueray recently.


A.) Beer. As in, real beer. As in, no Budweiser-Coors or whatever other chemically-laden sorry-excuse for BEER many seem to (mysteriously enough) thrive on.

B.) Rum (dark)

C.) Scotch whiskey

D.) In a pinch, I have been known to drink >


hey ct, tried making some of that skittle infused vodka from your other thread.

shit isn't half bad man. and the girls really like it.