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Fav Hobbies


Let's hear 'em.

  1. Weight training of course

  2. Hunting, my fav is duck hunting especially Teal

  3. Offshore fishing

  4. Camping/hiking pretty much anything outdoors

  5. Playing guitar, electric and acoustic

  6. Used to do Bjj and will again soon. I plan to add muy thai too. (A Gracie Barra gym just opened somewhat near me. Super excited.)

  7. Boating/water skiing/kneeboarding

I'm hoping to add a few interests. Lets see what ya'll are up too.


1) Weights
2) Watches
3) Guns
4) Bird Hunting, missed a good hunt in Mississippi last week. :frowning: (Gave up deer along time ago)
5) Anything involving a beach..




-Movies(but not lately)
-Having arguments with myself in the car
-Reenacting scenes from The Titanic in my bathtub(especially that scene where the giant squid ate Winslet and DiCaprio)
-cbc radio 1
-making up stuff I like to do
-Coming up with the most evilest recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
-making beeker or boobie memes
-hunting down episodes of "Good Eats" on youtube.
-wishing I had a cannon. :frowning:


........going off the rails on a crazy train.


But I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading.



Painting (pictures, not walls)
Visiting art galleries
Longboard Skateboarding
Watching movies with the wife
Writing poetry and short stories


Cross county running
Mountain Biking


I love watches, for some reason they make me feel important, all prominent people wear nice watches, and a good looking watch i think says a lot about the person wearing it. Shallow, maybe, do i care, not one bit.


Reading Books
Taking Pictures of Myself
Astrology (studying and working on charts)





Family Time (Pretty sure my love language or whatever its called is quality time,)
Spending time with friends
Ultimate Frisbee
Playing Guitar (preferably acoustic)

I also like reading psychology.


I have a bunch....but my favorite is my Omega Planet Ocean. Always leave it on the table next to the bed, so I can stretch out like James Bond to see what time it is, with something gorgeous laying on the other side of me. :slightly_smiling:


Damn, Mr. Bass Player -- I thought you'd have said "Layin' down the stank".


i dont have that many, working on the collection, well its not even a collection now but it will be, also need to work on collecting something for the other side too lol


Oh yeah...forgot about that one...good catch, Steely. Although I don't get around to it as much as I used to now that I'm not in a band, I still love layin' down the boogie and playing that funky music till I die. Schlappa da bass, mon.


2) MMA
3) VideoGames
4) Anime
5) eating


I don't consider weightlifting to be a hobby, more like a lifestyle.

My main hobby is dancing (salsa, bachata, kizomba and now learning six more styles).


1.) Watches (glad to see there are other watch aficionados here)
2.) Microbrew/Homebrewing
3.) Weights
4.) Writing
5.) Exotic Travel (The South Pacific is my favourite region to visit)
6.) Studying Japanese, even though I don't live there anymore