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Fav Cycles for Strength


Hey my first cycle went very well and I gained a lot of size. Now I want to change things up a bit and put more muscle to work, hopefully lose a little bf while I�??m at it.

What are some of your favourite cycles when looking for strength?
I was thinking about Test and Mast at equal doses maybe with some Anavar, but I haven't put too much thought in it yet. My next cycle is several months away...


For strength I would have to say test and tren. Add in the oral of your choice (anadrol/dbol) and you have some serious strength gains. As far as losing bf, that is going to be based more on your diet than your choice of AAS. Though I'll admit that certain AAS will help to maintain muscle mass during times of caloire deficit than others.


changing my diet is no problem ive been back and forth and tried a bunch of diets, i like that. and its only my second cycle so i dont know if tren or anadrol should wait for more experience because they are harder substances or is that just opinions?


Tren isn't necessarily "harder" on you, but some people report noticing their temper shorten on higher doses of Tren (I've never had this happen, even at 650mg/week).

Anadrol is technically "hard" on the liver (I hate the use of that word), but realistically most people live a lifestyle and diet that is considerably more damaging.

But honestly, Tren+Test (though I've never thrown in Anadrol) are amazing for strength gains. It's not uncommon for me to notice gains of between 20%-25% in strength.


change the way you work out more then anything

Train more for strength then size.


I don't think either is too harsh for your second cycle. Maybe it is not a good idea to add both, pick one. If you choose tren then make sure you use Tren A, it will out of your system faster if you get any sides and decide to come off.

Shizen is correct, adjust your training for strength. Much different than your bodybuilding workouts of the past. My preference is the Westside system or conjugate method. Read up though, there are many programs out there that I have not had the chance to try yet.


drol is great for strength while on, but goes back down pretty quickly afterwards.

tren ace/var combo would be best for a much strength with as little size as possible, and takes care of collagen as well so you're less likely to rip your tendons or muscles.

Probably going to need test if you want to keep your libido running tho...

Halo seems to work for some people, but it did absolutely 0 for me except harden me up a bit. Could be the gear(BP), I still suspect it being winstrol instead.


yeah im looking into changing my routine as well, i know that high weights and low reps are the basics. sets of 4 instead of 8 and stuff like that. So Malchir you like the Test/Tren/Var combo? i like short esters so ill be matching propionate with acetate for less water retention and the ease if something goes bad. is there a ratio i need to look at between the two or is 1:1 a safe bet?


okay i read up and ill fix my last post i was too quick to ask questions test to tren at 2:1 or 1:1 is what seems to work for people shot ed generally its the anavar thats tricky ive seen people post anything from 30mgs daily up to 100 which gets costly. i guess ill start at 30 and work my way up to see where im comfortable. in terms of length ive read 12 weeks to be the max so i'll go with 8 or 10. PCT isn't hard they are all short esters so i know how to handle it.


I'd have to concur that tren A and test prop would be an excellent 2nd cycle stack. I usually go 300-500mg/wk tren, 500-750mg/wk tp. I'd start on the low end 300ta/500tp to start and see how you respond. Some people don't tolorate tren very well. I love the stuff but do experience agitation, restlessness and some night sweats on the high end.

As far as training you should see huge strength gains. Squat, bench, deadlifts, power cleans and chins should be a staple in your training. Reps in the 6's, 4's and triples for freaky strength gains. Break it up though with some higher rep workouts every couple weeks. I come from a powerlifting backround and the first time I did tren I was amazed at the sttrength gains I achieved. 8-10 weeks is the max on tren for me.


30mg/day of anavar will do very little added to test and tren. Use a higher dose of Var.


Hmm still contemplating the var, its probably a lot better than dbol for strength but I have to take a lot more to see the same results and its pricey, I've heard a long time ago that people go crazy for a test/tren/mast combo but that�??s a hell of a cocktail I think id rather stick to two injectables and one oral, not too worried about liver damage I haven�??t had a drink in almost a year and I�??ll save my creatine for when I'm off the cycle so I don�??t overload myself. I really appreciate all your time and input guys. Thx!


Test E & Tren A. Increased strength for me like you wouldn't believe.

First cycle on tren every shot hurt like I'd been kicked by a horse for 24hrs for the first few weeks. Pain died off after that.

Second cycle no pain at all but still got good strength gains. I assume (uneducated guess) that the muscle tissue gets used to it.

I felt slightly increased anger/agression levels while on the first cycle but then I was dealing with a lot of personal shit at the time too. Second cycle no sides.


Test prop,Tren Ace Halotestin worked very well for me.


should i use an AI on cycle? i know tren and anavar dont aromatise so i don't think its necessary. and ive always had it handy but never felt the need to use it as of yet.


Deca can work good too. Keep in mind Tren causes a lot of sides in some people. Insomnia, night sweats, aggitation etc. If they bother you can always lower you dose. Because its so powerful, Tren can be effective at lower doses. For ex tren A 37.5mg EOD has produced fantastic results in some people.

Test EQ and Tren seems like a interesting combo. EQ helps with tendon strength, but test can weaken it. I know a powerlifter that really likes Test EQ and Deca. Deca's great for joint and tendons too.

I know another strength athlete that likes Test Deca and Tren. He's one strong mofo too.


Yes, take an AI while during this cycle. True, tren does not directly aromatise but the test does. Tren can cause gyno if aromatising steroids are under control do to a prolactin response. Var will not aromatise but Dbol will aromatise heavily.


I don't know what your weekly amounts will be but unless you are well over 1 gram a week .25mg/day adex will usually be fine.


Honestly the best cycle for strength gains is the good old bread and butter stack. lotta test some deca and of course d-bol. anavar is not better than d-bol for strength gains on a mg to mg basis.
500-750mgs test wk
400-600mgs deca wk
25-50mgs d-bol run the d-bol anytime in ur cycle. I wouldnt run it for more than 8 weeeks probably 4-6weeks.


Over 4 weeks I felt that dbol did very little for my strength. I am just now at the end of the 4th week and it appears to me that the test-e has been kicking in and now, particularly this week, I have started noticing significant gains in strength. I'm not saying anybody is wrong, it just didn't have that effect in my situation, despite my putting on 17 lbs the first 4 weeks.

Also I think this is a great thread.

2thepain, I wonder what you know about tren and gyno. I've heard that, though tren does not aromatise, there is still this chance of gyno, particularly after coming off. How would one go about preventing this?