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Fav Blogs


What are you fav blogs on the net? Fitness related or non, post em' up!


My favorite financial blog:


The blogger reads other bloggers and aggregates their words of wisdom. Saves me time sifting through the drek.


A plug for the wife:


I also enjoy www.commanderzero.com



I like Nate Greens blog.


He needs to do more vids though. Over all, it's pretty sweet.

He posted something a couple of weeks back about organization that i need to hop on.


You are "The Inconvenience"?


Big fan of Rob the Bouncer, Stuff white people like, look at this fucking hipster


Tony Gentilcore has a pretty sweet blog:


You're welcome for the plug...now where are my cheerios?!


I second the Tony Gentilcore blog.

Love www.instapundit.com (it's political, but whether you agree or not, still interesting)


Blogs are dumb. I really never understood why people read them


Because books take too long to read, and learning stuff is good.

My Google Reader list looks something like this, in no particular order (Side note - Google Reader is a ridiculously useful tool if you have a Google or Gmail account):

Alwyn Cosgrove

Nate Green

Me (yeah, yeah)

Lou Schuler

Dr. Jonny Bowden

Get Rich Slowly


Jason Ferruggia

Step Up (Tony Gentilcore)

Four Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss)


Oh yeah Tim Ferriss has some awesome stuff to read. Thanks for reminding me Chris, it's been a while since I caught up.

Looks to me like my afternoon just filled up.


Thanks for all those Chris! Some I check out, some I haven't yet. Cool!

AND to hijack my own thread. I don't see a thread on here about David Carradine!
What a way to die! It's gotta be foul play, I mean, why would he be doing an act like that trying to get off? He's David Carradine! Just bring some women back with you & your good to go! WTF! I don't get it.

Saw some pictures today on the net. Sick that someone jackass would do such a thing. I didn't believe, so I checked them out. Shocked, saddened.


That'd be me.