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Faulse positive drug test?

I coach one of my countrys’ best track & field athletes.We never used any drugs to help us be “better” athletes(he is 21 years old) except the approved supplements(creatine,glutamine.ginseng e.t.c,).Two days ago our national federation informed us that my athlete was “positive” to the drug “Clenbuterol”.I can’t inagine what happened.Is it possible they make a mistake?Is it possible someone did put something in the water of the athlete?Is it possible the second “bottle” to be clear/negative?Please give us some information.I don’t know what happened.How this happened.

is it possible he was using this without your knowledge? and i cant understand what use a track athelte would have for clen anyhow.

It’s shit like this makes me want to abondon all drug-tested events and just lift locally and then gear up for the Arnold every year. The fuckhead doping control people probably mistakenly switched your athlete’s sample with someone else’s, and now your boy gets to wear the badge of a drug user for the rest of his career, even if he’s able to prove his innocence and get his suspension overturned and his membership reinstated (I can safely assume he’s been suspended, right?). The whole thing sucks ass, this happened to a buddy of mine a few years ago and it was a nightmare for him to straighten out. Best wishes, but I say find a new sport.

False postitives DO happen from time to time. First, you should check with your boy, make absolutely sure there is nothing that he isn’t telling you. A positive test may occur for a number of reasons, ie medications, supplements, illness, etc. If you’re sure that he isn’t using, then definitely get another opinion. I don’t know what country it is, but I’m sure the testing was done by IOC(?) regulations, which is complicated enough for human error to occur.

Do ANY of the supplement companies making the supplements he takes manufacture Ph’s?

If so that is probably the casue - cross containimation - if he’s telling the truth of course.