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Fauci Puppy Experiments

Hopefully a mod moves this to the politics and world issues forum, where it belongs along with debates about whether or not animal research is necessary. You can find information on this particular research project, which was conducted by the University of Georgia, in other places. Even if you somehow believe this isn’t a “political issue”, your headline, which falsely suggests that it’s Fauci’s experiment, is pushing it in that direction anyway.


This thread title seems like something I’d find in my spam folder.


To be fair, the actual headline references Fauci.

This headline seems like something I’d find in my spam folder.

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If there is any truth to this, Fauci needs to be shot in the head

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As if you’re in any position to pass judgment on the likes of Fauci. The man has saved countless lives through a lifetime of brilliant bench and clinical work (probably including members of your family). But all it takes is some antivax idiot posting blatant propaganda, and you’re ready to see him shot. Un-effing-believable.


Fauci would not have to save lives if he didn’t put lives in jeopardy to begin with his gain of function experiments …get off your Fauci worshipping platform

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Ah, you’re also a covidiot. My mistake for assuming more of you.

Before signing off, I have to ask: Given your righteous indignation over Fauci’s putative involvement in medical research involving dogs, and the fact that many if not most if not all current meds involved testing on dogs and other mammals, am I correct in assuming you eschew (in yourself and your family) any and all government-sanctioned meds? Because if you don’t, you’re a hypocrite in addition to being a covidiot. (I’ll give you a pass on ivermectin, so long as you take the veterinary formulation.)


Well when you assume, you become an ass…

torturing animals and performing humane experiments on them are completely different things…if you don’t know the difference then that makes you a jerk

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I hear if you take a tube of the horse paste (invermectin) and empty the entire tube into your bum you’ll be immune from covid forever!

Spread the word.

I’m admittedly also a covidiot as I live in the most area that has been deemed the most locked down area in the planet… but I do respect the science, I just don’t accept passing legislature that potentially imposes jail sentences for breaking mask mandates or allowing the state premier to now declare a state of disaster whenever he wants without input from other professionals.

To me, that’s absolutely insane.

Medical experimentation on large mammals isn’t new and ethics have come a long way. It wasn’t uncommon to toss aside dogs as if they were rodents back in the day for the name of science. To fixate on a clinical trial using dogs now is hilarious. I do chuckle at the Fauci jokes people have come up with, but the man is second to none in terms of his professionalism, his lifetime accomplishments in his field (esp work on HIV/AIDS). It isn’t fair that he is copping so much flack now. He isn’t a tyrant aiming for world domination, rather he reiterates what the data tells us. It should also be noted, sometimes the science gets it wrong.

There were a few loosely designed studies that initially came to the conclusion treatment with hydroxychloroquine may lessen covid-19 severity. It doesn’t, as a matter it may increase the risk of complications in severely ill patients.

It’s very frustrating when one flawed study comes out and the anti-vax crowd comes out in full force “aHAAAAA see! I told you it was all LiEs!!!”

There was a case in Aus wherein a group of rescue dogs were shot dead. Owners were supposed to drive and come pick them up as they’d all been scheduled for adoption. State government said “too risky, could catch covid” and shot the dogs. That’s insane… Complain about that…

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Anthony Fauci’s defenders claim the beagle experimentation story is right-wing propaganda. But here’s yet another cruel experiment funded by NIAID, with publicly available sourcing. It’s still ongoing today.

You think that’s barbaric? I hope you aren’t eating any grocery store meat…

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Did you subtract out the people he’s killed through misinformation over the years?

FTR this kind of stuff is more political than anything. You can tie people and organizations to almost anything through grant money.

On the whole Fauci is now a politician first. He’s an admitted liar that makes up science on the spot to push (what he believes) is good general population policy. Unfortunately, as such he’s eroded people’s trust in the actual science.

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I don’t.

Let’s be real, Americans as a whole never really believed science. Look at all the folks thinking the earth is 5000yrs old, climate change is fake, Qanon, flat eartgers, etc. Bunch a loons, we are!


Use any prescription or OTC drugs? How bout personal hygiene products?

It isn’t?