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Faucets & Plumbing

Living together will all 9 women in my life (sorry, only one wife), plus now two parents and several grandchildren, in a 1900 era farmhouse has revealed a severe weakness in our living condition – and in my country, in general.

We’ve got lots of room and plenty of space, indoors and out. Our electricity, wifi (eero mesh everywhere) etc is all modern. But the plumbing sucks.

American plumbing is, bar none, the best in the world. Down to the tankless hot water heaters. Israel’s plumbing has all the historical crappiness of Europe, Asia, and just general supply shortages and embargoes on-and-off for 60 years.

I want my Arizona, big-ass shower, with multiple heads. I want 6 of them. And big toilets that you can stand off of, even after squat day.

We’ve got everything coming from the USA, except French bidets, which are coming from Germany, go figure.

We are going to rip all this pre-WWII crap out.

The one current hang up is what to look for in the actual end fixtures (and what brand). Delta? Kohler? Are there lines within the brands that are superior? Our plumber is a commercial plumber for the farm, and while he can fix something to run water going up a hill to irrigate grapes or work on a toilet in a commercial building that is 20 stories tall, has no clue about quality fixtures – as literally, every plumbing fixture in our country is the same European crap.

We have a plethora of fresh water (due to having it for irrigation) and a sewage system built for 50 laborers that no longer work here. So the start and end of the system is fantastic. It’s the middle part that sucks.

Kohler for toilets, and get elongated (oval) bowl. Round bowl toilets should be outlawed. Delta and Moen are both good for fixtures, if I had to choose probably Moen. Keep in mind, all of the fixtures are going to use cartridges as erplacement parts (That’s the only thing that wears out - instead of washers like in the old stuff), so getting your hands on those cartridges from Israel 10 years from now is the challenge. Consider buying a few to stick in a drawer when you buy the fixtures.

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I just did a cartridge on my downstairs shower, and did a new faucet in the bathroom. Both the new cartridge and the new faucet were Moen, and I have no complaints. Seems like high quality stuff. Faucet has a non-fingerprint finish that I like a lot. Both were easy to install.

I will say the cartridge I replaced, was I believe original to the house in 1986, so they can last a while.

The faucet was a cheapo, and was not rebuildable.

Buying a spare cartridge is not a terrible idea. I think I paid ~$15 USD for the new one.

My brother did a lot of high end plumbing in lots of custom homes for a long time before going into commercial, and he swears by Kohler, then Moen, then American Standard.

Not sure about the rainforest/waterfall type shower stuff. I know he did some crazy ones but I don’t know what they were equipped with, but I can check.

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Based on the fact that I’ve seen a ton of Americans say that a plunger is a must-have item, this surely cannot be true.

Thank you! That’s more or less my wild ass guess.

You have seen what average Americans eat, right?

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