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Fatty's Cheesecake


* 2000g Magerquark | Skim Quark (if you can't get it, try cottage cheese)
* 7 eggs
* 2.5 pks vanilla pudding powder (95g)
* 2 pks vanilla sugar (16g)
* 1 pk baking powder (15g)
* 3 ml citrus oil/aroma
* a good shot of citrus juice
* 125g low-fat (28%) margarine
* lots of artificial sweetener (baking somehow decreases the sweetness, i.e.: the dough has to be sweeter than you'd like the baked cake to be)

Put ingredients in a bowl, mix, put in baking form, bake for 45-50 min at about 170 C | 338 F.

How to test if the cake's ready: stick a butter knife into the middle of the cake until it hits the bottom and pull it out, again. If nothing's sticking to the knife, the cake's ready.

The cake has about 320g of protein and 2600kcal in total (less than 100g of carbs). Cool for fat loss diets. Not that cool if you've got to put down a lot of food, though, since it's very stuffing.



Thanks for sharing!



Thank you!



Would Cottage cheese really work as a replacement for Quark?

Could you also give gram measurements for the baking powder, and other things that you have listed as Packets.




I have never heard of Magerquark so I googled it and translates to "low fat cottage cheese or Curd cheese." If Magerquark is not cottage cheese what is it?


Cool recipe fattyfat. How much Splenda did you use approx?


Vanilla sugar?


Glad you're giving it a try.
Report back should you give it a different: I'm always curious about variations.

So, Quark after all, eh? Surprise your in-laws.

I haven't tried it, yet, but cottage cheese is the next best thing to Quark.
Worth a try, in my book. Report back.
Added the missing gram measurements to the OP.

Well, afaik, Quark is some sort of creamy cheese, as is cottage cheese. But Quark != cottage cheese.

Regarding the splenda usage: it depends on your own liking. Just add enough so that the dough is as sweet as you'd like it to be. Then add some more splenda, say, an additional 1/5 of what you've already put into the dough. Just guestimating, though.

Btw, what's up with your nick name? rajraj? Somewhat dadaist. I approve.

Sugar with vanilla aroma, basically (called Vanillinzucker in German). You can just add normal sugar and add some vanilla flavour, if you'd like.

I ate 3/4 of the cake, today. I've also made some serious Chili, but I'm not hungry anymore. Damn you, cheesecake!

I'd like to read about your own variations on this cheesecake recipe. A friend of mine who's currently dieting down from ~15% bf to single digits is using my base version with great success. 50% of his daily caloric intake comes from this cake.
He ditched the citrus theme and took rum and chocolate flavour, instead. And he removed the margarine (which I wouldn't do: fat's a great taste enhancer and the margarine accounts for only about 300 kcal).
Banana flavour could also be cool, maybe with some banana-flavoured protein powder thrown in for good measure.


Will try this today, although might try substituting some of the sugar/artificial sweetener for Palatinose and Maltodexdrin.



Dude, cheesecake.... Oh nom nom nom! thnx =)



Es ist in the Oven!

A couple of things I changed/added;

Added 3ml of Madagascan Vanilla Extract as well,
50g Maltodextrin instead of the artificial sweetener,
Extra 3 ml of the Valencian Orange Extract.
I decided to blend it into a smooth liquid. Didn't like the cottage cheese lumps.


-Do I have to wait for it to cool once cooked? Or can I attack!


EDIT: This thing rises, so beware. It looks like mine might overflow. The smell through the house is awesome though. Vanilla and Orange.



40 min mark.

How much is this thing supposed to wobble when you take it out? Looks scary. I don't want to make a mess.


EDIT; Finished product



Great German language skillz!

Forgot to mention that the fucker wobbles some right after taking it out of the oven. And it's normal that it rises that high (courtesy of the sheer volume and the baking powder).

I'd let it cool, but I'm prone to attacking it a bit before it has cooled down >_>

The cake tastes best after having cooled down and being put in the fridge for a few hours.

Nom nom nom! Try it, it's not a Stroopwaffel, but it's cool.


Just found out that I can get Quark. So I'll try it properly next time. Nobody at the supermarket knew where it was, but apparently they do carry it.



My mother in law tells me there is quite a difference between brands of quark. The kind they have at our supermarket is quite flavourless compared to the stuff she prefers that she gets from a cheese company whenever she passes it. ( http://www.gortsgoudacheese.bc.ca/cheese/otherfreshproducts.cfm )

There is a local organic place that carries some stuff she says is the good stuff so next time I'm there I'll pick some up.

I'm curious about maltodextrin: how does it compare to sugar and how does it taste?


It's not as sweet as sugar, but to me it tastes like candy floss. Pretty good actually. I usually use it in my pre-workout shake so had a load lying around. Plus it's the main ingredient in Splenda, which I noticed at the supermarket today. I get it for £3 a Kg where as Splenda is £3 per 125g.

This is the Quark I'll get for next time;

The only one I have access to.

Let us know how your cheesecake turns out if you end up making one.



Haha! it's actually just the first 3 letters of my first name repeated twice preceded by the word the.


@FattyFat, I'll definitely try it. I'm thinking of using some light cranberry syrup with it to give it fruity taste. =P


I was thinking of dropping some of the sugar and just stuffing it with a bunch of sliced strawberries.



2nd Attempt;

This time using Quark. And only half the volume of ingredients, to make a much smaller cheesecake. I also added two scoops of Toffee Fudge Protein powder. Just letting it cool now. This is half the size and has 200g of protein. Lovely.