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Fatty Trying to Get in Shape During chool

howdy, i’m 21 and about to enter into my junior year of college. i’ve been one heavy dude all my life, at one point i was pushing 300, but last summer i managed to cut most of it down, and was weighing in at around 200 exactly. i got real lazy this past year and i’m weighing in at 225 right now, and i really want to cut it down.

my ultimate goal is to reach 190-185, not ripped, but lean. so, my question to you gentlemen is this. i only have a short amount of time to lift-run before class, roughly lest say about 45 minutes. i already go in every tuesday-thursday morning to swim laps before class. so basicly, i’m looking for a good routine to do every mon-weds-fri morning to rock me into shape again. any supliments you can recomend, any tips of the trade there would be most appreciated.

now for the big question. i need a diet plan. if i don’t have a diet plan, i eat the whole fridge then drive to McDonalds for more. i’m sick of being a fatty. i have some protien left in my closet, so i’m going to start that up again. but if you could please hook me up with some diet tips and an excercise plan, that would be great. thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Read it. Do it. Tweak as needed after a few months if progress stalls. You’ve been eating crap. Following these rules will have a HUGE impact.

Check out the beginner stickies. Dont worry about supplements or fancy gimmicks, I would do the following -

  • 5 meals a day, veggies and protein at each meal.
  • lift weights three times a week (I would personally suggest stronglifts 5 by 5 program).
  • If you want to sort yourself out don’t eat crap from mcdonalds.
  • give yourself 2 cheat meals per week

Do this for 12 weeks and see how it goes. In the meantime read up on forums like this to expand your knowledge.