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Fatty Needs Help Picking Out Program

so im ready to lose more weight. I used to weigh 260 pounds on my 5’ 7" frame =( after a lot of running and dieting a couple summers back im down to 185 pounds. That is a big step in itself but I am left still chubby. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds and gain muscle. I am 18 years old and I figure this is the perfect time to start.

I looked at the V-Diet and it looks perfect, but it is soo much money. Is there an alternative? Maybe someone can suggest certain supplements to use along with my training? or maybe someone can suggest an alternative program to V-Diet?

Why is the V-Diet too expensive? You won’t spend much money on food other than MD. Eating “normal” will be at least as expensive, not?

First of all, congrats on your awesome progress! You’ve already done way more than most others.

The V-Diet is indeed a very good program because it works very well, but like you said, it’s expensive. I’ve found it’s best feature is not the fat loss, but breaking yourself of bad eating habits. Since you already cut 75 lbs, you probably have the self-control to get the last 20 off.

Let’s see what we can do. What are your current dietary and exercise habits?

I personally would concentrate more on lifting than running at this point (include running also but secondary to weights), raising the bodies muscularity will massively assist you in your goals.

Eating high protein and around the lower end of maintenance in calories, with restricted carbs but very high fibre and complex carbs when you do eat them. Healthy fats but not to the degree of an Anabolic diet follower (so no chugging EVOO).

Done correctly, with discipline, effort and hard training this is all you need to do to get closer to the final goal.

Also - congratualtions, you are an inspiration.