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Fatty Favoritism

What is everyone’s favorite way to get ripped. Whether it be a diet scheme, supplements, a particular training meathod. I know all three are necessary to produce results, but that’s not what I’m asking. What I am asking is what your favortie technique(s) for getting ripped are. Share it with us, discuss results, and most importantly participate in the glory of the adipose avengers. Or just answer the thread.

Haven’t found one yet. I tried a lot of various
diets and the only two that work for me are a) keto diet with 10-15 g carbs per day, I lose a lot of muscle too b) extreme caloric reduction regardless of the macronutrient profile. I guess if I wanted to get completely ripped I’d have to incorporate large amounts of anabolics, clenbuterol and thyroid hormone.

I basically just cut my caloric intake to 10 cals/lb. of bodyweight and use Androsol to keep from losing any muscle mass. I can take off about 1% of bodyfat per week this way, although I should note that I don’t intentionally let myself go above 11% BF and I don’t go below 7%.