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FatTrack Digital Caliper

It’s manufactured by Accu-Measure and costs about twice as much as their regular caliper. I’m about to pick one up, but wanted to run this by you guys first, just in case. Anyone own one?

It may be just me but i get a higeher reading every time with the digital ones vs. my accumeasure…maybe jason or joel could shed some light on why this is , cause even though i have them it makes me not want to switch over to the digital ones since the accumeasure ones seem to be very accurate…

jason or joel please help me with this


Ultimately, it will not matter which reading you go with. As long as you consistently measure using the same tool under the same conditions, the actual reading is merely a way to measure progress.

So, if you read 15% on a digital, as long as you measure consistently using that same tool, when it drops down to 14%, you wil know you've made progress. The % itself is open to debate, depending on how your store fat, etc.

If it makes you more comfortable to see a lower reading consistently, then by all means use the non-digital calipers; however, you should be aware that they are not as accurate.

Again, as long as you are measuring the same way, with the same tool, you will be able to record progress.

Hope this helps.

Since I’m a techie by nature I of course bought the digital calipers.

Unfortunately I would have been better off with the regular type! My digital calipers now say that I have anywhere between 3% and 5% on any given measurement. I have tried the calibration function but it doesn’t calibrate anymore, it just beeps one and flashes rapidly on an off. So forget it. Just buy a regular old manual one. At least it will still work if you get it wet.

I still use my LANGE skinfold caliper I know they are well over 200 smackers but they are the most acurate.If used right.

John Roman,

I would debate with you that the digital ones are less accurate that the manual ones…It seems that the digital ones are very cumbersome when the beep is and where in its range it beeps each time…The button gets pressed almost as soon as the calipers encounter any resistance from the skinfold…leading to a much larger reading that the manual ones and in general…I also find the manual ones to be more consistent also with each set of readings…It seems the set point on the manual ones where the calipers click is much more set in stone each time your do it because of the actual click from the calipers require the same amount of pressure each time every time…whereas the digital can vary widely between each reading…my readings on the same body part with the digital calipers aslo vary significantly between each reading…any argument against this is welcome , its just my opinion that the manual ones are more accurate…but then again…i like alot of manual stuff i.e. Id take a manual weight scale over a digital anyday…for some reason …


Got one. Never use it any more. I find it near impossible to stop a wide variation in readings. I think my problem is getting the same amount of pressure each time before it takes the measure. I gave up - the variation was too great. Now I use a Tanita with a whole other set of problems

Good thing i posted here first! Getting the manual ones instead.

I HAD one. Had being the key word. It broke the first day. I actually bought a second one which lasted about 2 weeks. I’m a trainer so I do use calipers very often. Also, Like someone posted above, it was definitely LESS accurate. The tension seemed to vary greatly as to where it beeped.

I HIGHLY recommend the BODY Caliper. DO a web search. I was able to find it for 20 something bucks although a friend of mine bought one in the store for almost $80. It IS worth $80 b/c it is solid, consistent and accurate - everything you need from a pair of calipers including no maintenance like some of the more expensive ones.

Well, I’m not so sure what everyone is referring to, because with the pair that I have (had it for almost 2 years now and has been working great), you press the button when you want to take the reading…

I was reffering to the fat track digital II havent had a prob with breaking just doesnt seem very accurate or as accurate.