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Fatties Gon' Fat


yep, she blames it on her metabolism


From a medical / hormonal point of view, what exactly would happen to creatures like this if you simply stopped feeding them?


After a couple of years she would starve.

I wonder if derek has archived this yet?


They would lose weight.

But you see...it isn't the half ton of calories she is eating...it is YOU for making her sit through mouth watering commercials all day while she sits at home immobilized by her own fat.


I vaguely remember reading something about the hormones produced by adipose tissue, hence my question (which, reading back, I realise sounded pretty dumb). Although I'm 18 hours into a 24-hour shift, so my head is kinda woolly right now.




"Each one of her buttocks is at least 120lbs" I weigh less than that woman's ass. Haha. Fucking ridiculous.




How does it bathe?


Good God...


Thats one hell of an assumption.



Fuck yeah Texas women!




I remember reading about an extremely obese man who, under consistent watch from his doctor, lost a ton of weight by literally not eating just like you said. He took vitamins every day, and drank water, and that was it.


I saw it as well


Anyone even watch this? I'm about 5 minutes in. I just want to know did she get convicted of murder or not!?


no she was taking the blame for her sister who beat the child to death


Sheeyat, I thought the record was 800 lbs


i'm glad its a spanish person this time.
how are they affording all that food?


She's not Spanish, she's Texan!

She was stuffing a taco in her mouth in one scene so that's really cheap. It's a lot cheaper to get fat than it is to stay lean. I wonder how many calories she takes in.