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Fattest Teen Now Anorexic


Britain's fattest teenager now ANOREXIC and given six months to live after gastric bypass surgery

A woman who was once Britain's fattest teenager is now battling with anorexia after her life was turned upside down by a gastric bypass operation.
Malissa Jones, 21, lost so much weight that she now tips the scales at just 8 stone. Four years ago, before her surgery, doctors were warning her that she had to take drastic action after ballooning to 34 stone.
They warned her she had to shed 20 stone or would die within months. Now the pendulum has swung the other way for Malissa, from Selby, North Yorkshire with doctors now warning she could die in six months unless she increases her food intake.

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surgery scar

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She consumed 15,000 calories a day from gorging on chocolate, crisps and junk food - seven and a half times the recommended 2,000 calories for a girl of her age. But parents Richard and Dawn were unable to stop her food cravings.

Happier: Malissa says she preferred being fat, after her gastric band surgery sparked anorexia
Despite the risk of drastic surgery in such a young girl, she survived the operation and within a year lost more than half her body weight.
She started going clubbing and fell pregnant with farmer boyfriend Chris Robottom, 22. In February, after six months' pregnancy, she became ill with liver failure and her baby had to be delivered by Caesarean.
Sadly her baby, Harry, died an hour after delivery. Doctors then revealed Malissa's failure to eat properly had led to him being malnourished.




and after from behind

Why would you get that tattoo?

Man this chickie has some serious food issues.
Undernourished and overfed. Craziness.


double post.

But I do wonder if the tattoo is some kind of self hate, or is it trying to be defiant? Folks confuse me all the time but this is all wonky.


Wow, talk about absolute extremes.

Very sad.


I'd hit it.


=/ Very sad indeed.


Weight gainer? :slight_smile:

That's sad though. At both ends, the obesity, and the anorexia. At least she says she doesn't like being this skinny.

But seriously, give her some weight gainer.... feed her liquids with calories fo'REAL.


The most fucked-up thing is it that the gastric band increased her life expectancy from her doctor's initial predictions.


Fuck. It's a shame she didn't discover strength training instead of those stupid surgeries! I'm 6'5 (give or take, on a good day!) and at my heaviest was 400lbs. They are saying she was 34 stone? That's 500lbs, the picture of her heavy is big, but not 500lbs on a 5'8, small or mid-boned frame. I know I never did the junk food thing, I was just a bottomless pit of appetite, but based on my own case I can't believe a young person was at a point where a 20% below maintenance, healthy diet + exercise wouldn't have been a better option. Barring that moderate walking, as able, and a liquid diet for 6 weeks would have made more sense. I hate weight loss experts. No moderation, no sense.


I can't think of one good reason right now as to why she shouldn't just be left alone to die.

Too many people work too hard for a normal life to focus attention on someone who is utterly bent on self destruction.


I get what you are saying, but don't you think she is suffering with some kinda mental problems that have caused her to be so extreme in regards to eating?

I don't think this is normal greedy eating behavior and then starving?

I don't think she will get better until she gets her head right.


She won't get better...and the major attention by the media has no doubt added to her complex about how she looks.

The fact that she would still need more surgery to remove the excess skin...and the fact that the skin would cause her to still see herself as fat...mean her current actions may not be much different than many other women would act.

Before, she didn't seem to care how she looked enough to do something about it.

Now that she does care, she was too far gone for her to reach an ideal.

That is tragic.


Wonder if she does anal


I bet if she were to jump out of a tree, she could soar like those Flying Squirrels do!!!


I shouldn't laugh at that....

But I did.


the problem with the "healthcare" industry is that 99% of the physicians treat symptoms not problems


I think that her eating this much would mean a mental problem, I read once about an Olympic swimmer eating 10,000 cals a day but he obviously had the appetite. The death of her baby is not going to improve her mental state. Very sad.

I have heard of people who have received these kind of surgeries having problems with malnutrition because of the size of the stomach and because the stomach also absorbs nutrients. Isn't the band version of this surgery reversible?


I don't know how both surgeries work. A friend of mine did have the one where they put a tube around the upper stomach to create a stricture so she can't eat a lot of food. It has worked, she went from 330 to 210lbs at 5'.11". Unfortunately now she has developed some severe acid reflux and needs to have her gallbladder removed. BUT, I do think that one is reversible.

This poor kid seems to be an all or nothing kind of person. If she eats, she eats everything, if she doesn't eat, she won't eat at all.