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Fattest Man in the World


58 stone or 812 lbs Keith Martin is the fattest man in the world. He isnt a professional anything, DAMN! that is one fat human! He would eat a Snorlax. When was the last time this
thing masterbated? does the government pay for that to be done for him?


Breakfast: Keith Martin typically starts the day with eight hot dogs and four slices of bread, or a pile of ham sandwiches followed by coffee with sugar.

Lunch: A selection of chocolate bars, cakes, a packet of biscuits plus more coffees with sugar.

Dinner: Two whole roast dinners with all the trimmings, or 16 sausages plus a family-sized bag of oven chips washed down with coffee.

So how fat is he? Well it takes 8 guys to move him into a reinforced vehicle (dumptruck?) for his hospital visits.

Eat more at



That seems harsh.

While it pisses me off that the rest of us normal folk have to pay for it, he probably has it hard enough already, even if it is self-inflicted. You see the same lack of sympathy for addicts for the same reason, when really it's a health concern we should be trying to treat, not something we should point and sneer at. At least he wants to finally start trying (though I won't believe it until I see it) because I can see how tempting it would be once you got to that kind of weight to say, "fuck it, I don't care anymore" and let everything go to hell.

I think a lot of this is a failure of the medical system. We're not aggressive enough in dealing with obesity. We still have this naive idea that people can be trusted to take care of themselves and eat and exercise right. Because that strategy is clearly working. It's not like we're surrounded by fucking whales or anything.


why would you start a thread like this? so we can dog pile a fat guy? I just saw another thread where you made a joke about someone's dead friend. This thread is in the appropriate section. It's something you should consider doing.


How does one log 'a pile of ham sandwhiches' into myfitnesspal?


You are suggesting the government force people to exercise?

And no, the only failure is the guy eating a "pile" of ham sandwiches in the morning.


Easy. You'd put it in like a regular person would put in a sandwich, only use "entire container" for each ingredient instead of the single serving.


How about a mound of BLT's with a gathering of mayonaise and a pillowcase full of chips? Washed down of course with a kiddy pool of Hawaiian Punch.


I think you have to upgrade to "myfattnesspal" for those special serving sizes.


insert obligatory "just wait until he cuts" comment here


haha yeah where instead of oz, cup, gram the increments of measure are gallon, ton, solar mass.


biggest calves everrrrrrrr


Your tax dollars at work....


You mean this right?

lol...I still get a kick out of this.


OP fought a guy from another website and turned down pussy so he could read about carbs.


It is probably not possible to hate this guy more than he hates himself.


LOL sounds like such a nice idea, if only they could enforce it.

In Canada, we have a public health care system. There are some good things about it, and some not so good. There is definitely a lot of abuse of the system resulting in incredible amounts of wasted money. What I'm saying is in such a system, the health care system should have the right to refuse treatment to people who don't even give a fuck about their health and don't try in the slightest to do something about it. Unless they're willing to pay for it.

TBH, I used to consider myself somewhat of a liberal, but the more I see of public health care, the more disillusioned I get.


So, basically, people should pay for themselves. And if you are a person that does the hard things like working out to keep yourself healthy, it isn't fair to have to pay for fat lazy people....?

It doesn't sound like you are for socialized medicine at all. You are describing a free market.