Fatter, Stronger, Fatter

Help me sweet baby Jesus!

I’m 42, 6’1 220lbs, 14%bf

I’ve been working out for 5 years and I felt I’ve made steady, decent, gains but nothing mind blowing. I started using gear a few years back and have done several cycles. Mostly test, dbol & eq, with some tren in the first few cycles. My progess the last few years has been shit. I’ve been getting hydrostatic body fat tests so I know where I’m at and what progress I’m making. My test in June of 2015 shows that I was at 187lbs of LBM. After bulking for several months and being on test and eq for the last 3 months, I had another test today. I’ve gained a paltry 2 fucking lbs of LBM and a whopping 18lbs of fat! WTF!!? I’m in the gym 5-6 days a week, every week. I go fucking hard, I deadlift over 500lbs for reps and I’m obviously getting enough calories if I was able to pack on 20 fucking lbs of body fat. Most of my calories comes from whole foods. I’m not going to get into my diet, unless somone asks, but it’s pretty close to 40/40/20 and it’s 90% clean with some shit food(burgers, pizza, burrito) about twice a week. I rarely drink(maybe once a month).

My question, to the experts in the group; what should I be expecting for a years progress? I would think I could EASILY tack on 10 lbs of muscle with dbol, test and eq in 3 months. I would expect about 50% muscle and 50% fat gain over that time. I’m WAY the fuck off that.

I was 6%bf and 200 last summer. I looked pretty damn good. I was hoping to add another 15lbs of lean mass this year, which is why I’ve been focusing on heavy compound movements. A lot of deads, cleans, squats and presses. I change up my routine at least every two months.

I’m VERY disappointed and just looking for some honest direction and expectations. I simply don’t understand how I could make such little progress.

Thanks guys.

I’m assuming you are healthy.

That much fat is not just what you eat, but when and how much a sitting.

Just turned 50 and found that this peri workout thing works great. No complex carbs at night or in the morning. Carbs only before, during and after my workout. Non workout days, carbs are on the afternoon around my walks with the dogs.

I eat 4 times a day. And I prefer casein for my protein shakes.

As for gear, I would address that in the proper forum. Maybe you are doing something wrong?!

Good luck.

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I eat most of my carb surrounding my workout. I do sit all day, but the extreme imbalance of fat to muscle growth tells me that I’m doing something wrong. I should have gained at least 8-10lbs of muscle over a 9 month period. 2lbs is shit after the hundreds of hours spent crushing it in the gym. It’s not enough, period.

This is what I looked like last summer. Now, I just look like a white, fat pasty twat. lol.

Id try changing up your macros -less carbs more good fats.

If like lifting heavy this is good for a lean bulk as well as cutting…

Your gear was probably underdosed.

Shit. I didn’t even consider that. I’m coming off now, I should have pulled a blood test to check my test levels.I have a shit ton more from the same source.