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Fatter and Fatter


From Yahoo News (edited):

WASHINGTON - Obesity rates rose last year in every state but Oregon, according to an advocacy group that called on the government and the private sector to get more involved in Americans' battle with expanding waistlines.

The advocacy group, Trust for America's Health, said data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the percentage of obese adults for 2002-04 stood at 22.7 percent nationally. The percentage for the previous cycle, 2001-03, was 22 percent.

The state exhibiting the largest increase in obesity was Alabama. There, the rate increased 1.5 percentage points to 27.7 percent. Oregon's rate held steady at 21 percent.

The report said the states with the highest percentage of obese adults are Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and Tennessee.

The states with the lowest percentage of obese adults are Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and Montana. Hawaii was not included in the report.


It makes sense to me that the "Big" state are the ones in the south... It is all of the Fried Chicken, Catfish, red bea... Now I'm getting hungry.


How is obesity defined here? BMI > 30?

Also, I just googled to this:
"Obesity is a chronic condition that develops as a result of an interaction between a person's genetic makeup and their environment. How and why obesity occurs are not well understood; however, social, behavioral, cultural, psychological, metabolic, and genetic factors are involved."

Unf*ckingbelievable ...

Interesting side note:
I went to 2 concerts last weekend at the same venue.
Coldplay on Friday night
Toby Keith on Saturday night

Take a wild guess as to which crowd was more "not slim".



This article needs to be looked at rather skeptically. They use the body mass index. On it, I am called overweight. I am 5'10" and 195, and there's not much fat on me. They don't take into account that some people have muscles.


You would think that northerners would tend to carry more fat because of the cooler temperatures.

It is easier to be fat and comfortable in the cold weather.

Must be the tradional southern diet.


Stuff like that is annoying. My work just started a program that rewards people for losing 10 lbs. In the past, I would think that was great. Now, I look at myself that lost waist size and dropped fat yet I didn't lose much weight. This is due to the addition of lean body mass.

Its like that show where they have people exercising and trying to lose weight. They get critized for not losing weight even if they are getting smaller.

I do know that there are a lot of people out there that don't exercise but we need a better way of determining obesity.


Yes, we all know that BMI is bullshit ... but come ON man!!! How many people that were classified as obese do you really think are carrying a solid amount of muscle at reasonable bf %s? You are much more the rare exception than the norm.



True, but look around at the general population. How many "have muscles?" 1% maybe? So small that I don't think it upsets the general trends in obesity studies.

Go to a Wal-Mart in a fat state. They didn't make the fat list because they're so muscled up that it throws off their BMI scores.


Its the regular soda and other sugary juices they use to hydrate themselves. I think...



Go Oregon! Home state pride baby! Only slightly less obese than the rest of the country...woo-hoo!


I'll take a stab:

Coldplay concert: Chicks, Metros and Gay folk? -A few overweight people, but well dressed?

Toby Keith: Rednecks ? -Plenty of Beer bellies, some visable. SHUDDER

I think the REAL question is: Why did you go to see Coldplay AND Toby Keith???


Yeah I was going to congratulate Oregon, but then I realised they still had a 21% increase in fatness.



Sorry to hi-jack the post. But will you be attending this years SWIS Symposium?




because Bastard is all about diversity

(if only 50 Cent were there Sunday ... what a trifecta)


Plus, as long as they are consistently using the same metric, the trend over time is valid. Unless the percentage of the population that is heavy due to muscle is increasing (which seems highly unlikely), then I think that the report is accurate in stating that the population is getting fatter. And, of course, empirical evidence supports this =)


I agree with all of you. I live outside of fat city USA (Houston TX), and I can tell you the population is getting fatter faster. I use them as a source of entertainment. This means lots more material to work with. Have you ever noticed that when fatties come into the gym, they never seem to last.


That's a truthful and accurate summary.

And for those that wonder WHY the Southern states are suffering - an earlier scribe got half of it: the fried chicken and so forth, but there's more to it than that. The fact that fried food is traditional in the south is not as big an issue as what they are NOW frying food in - partially hydrogenated oil (Cresco). Add to that the high-fructose corn syrup, and remember that in the Bible Belt, most folks consume "soft drinks" instead of booze, and you can easily see why obesity rates have gone through the roof.

Perhaps I should post a video clip of Wal Mart on an average day here in sunny north-east Tennessee. The size of some of these people staggers the mind - and they don't understand why because the government is not encouraging a sound education in nutrition (let alone sponsoring it!). It's all about money. :frowning:

As a parent - I am constantly fighting a battle to stop my two kids, aged 7 & 9, becoming equally addicted to a typical days offering: Anything deep-fried in trans-fat, followed by a several Krispy Kreme doughnuts (made with same fat), all washed down with your favorite soda - containing that most synthetic of sugars.

The shame, the shame. :frowning: :frowning:



The states with the lowest percentage of obese adults are Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and Montana. Hawaii was not included in the report.

I call BS on CT having a low obesity risk/level. If you've seen the chicks, you know the heffers outweigh the hotties.