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just as there are carbs that are poor or superior dependant on the situation(post-workout, etc) is there such a diffrence for fats as well. i understand that flax and fish oils are amongst the best options, but face it, you cant base a meal around just oil. are there diffrences in the fats of cheeses, bacon, eggs, etc etc that make them better for some occasions as opposed to others?
thank you

Good thing T-mag doesn’t have articles like “Good Fat and Where it’s At” and “The Fat Roundtable”. That would be waaaaaay too handy. :slight_smile:

Look for foods that are higher in omega-3 than omega-6 fatty acids. Vegetable oil, trans fats, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, anything hydrogenated even soybean oil, all baaaaaaad. Fish, nuts, flax, olive oil, goooooood. Check out “Appetite for Construction” by John Berardi in addition to those listed above. It’s in the latest print edition of T Mag.

Just wondering why you say that coconut oil is one of the bad oils. It’s an MCT that is rich in lauric acid and can benefit weightloss.

It’s even stable enough to cook with.

Here are some links that may be of some help which I have read and inspired me to get some.

what about along the lines of more solid foods: things you can actually make a meal out of. for example cheeses, bacon, sausage, eggs. also, i have heard much mention of nuts, but wouldnt the carb content, although not TOO large, when combined with its high fat content make it out of place when following berardi’s suggestions of p+c and p+f meals?

Coconut oil has the highest percentage of saturated fat (92%) of any food that I’m aware of. Palm kernel oil a close second at 86%, butter is 66%, and lard is 41%. Medium chain triglycerides do come from coconut oil, but eating it as a whole food appears to be a different story. The above figures come from Lippincott’s Biochemistry 2nd Ed.

I don’t think nuts are bad, but I guess it depends which kind. You can get 93% lean ground beef which is not too bad. A good flax oil is Barlean’s, I just take a swill every morning straight from the bottle. Most dairy products have some fats, and the more fish the better. I’d say keep the bacon, sausage, processed lunchmeats, pepperoni, etc. to a minimum. Unless of course you’re Italian and you’re blood runs too thin without that stuff.

I agree that coconut oil has the highest amt of saturated fat. Saturated arn’t bad far you, its just that your body has the ability to produce it. It is also the main fat used as energy.

Coconut oil has many advantages, eating in moderatation should have no effect of weight loss,and IMO, it can help.