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how many grams of fish oil are you all taking in a day. I read were Berardi says one should try to consume more omega 3’s and less 6’s when trying to reduce fat. So right now im using udo;s oil, and thinking of switching to just pure flax oil and fish oils,but don’t really now what my ratio should be. Should i use more flax and then use about 3 or so grams fish or what? thanks

I am pretty sure Udo’s Oil has the correct amount and ratio of 3’s and 6’s. I take 2 tblsp a day, plus 2 tblsp of Olive Oil.

I get about 50G a day total caps and fish of fish oil and about 40G a day of flax in meal replacements.

i use udo’s too, but only thing udo’s doesn’t have is fish oil. I guess i might as well add a couple of fish oil caps to the mixture.

Udo’s is a well-balanced oil, IF the rest of your diet is extremely strict and precise. However, 99%+ of people already have WAAAAYY too many Omega 6’s in their diet, so something like Udo’s would not be the best choice. If you are one of the 99% in your diet, even if you’re eating healthy, I’d think flax and/or fish oils would be more appropriate. I am not certain if there would be a particular benefit of taking more of one than the other…I personally take around 10 Omega 3 type capsules per day, mostly fish, a couple flax.

Hardbody, JB recommends high-dose fish oil because ideally, in a perfect world, only 25-35% of flaxseed oil is converted to EPA & DHA. It’s the EPA & DHA that you want. If you want additional information on the benefits of EPA & DHA, take a look at Barry Sears’ book, “The Omega Zone,” specifically the section on athletes. EPA & DHA increases endurance, reduces inflammation and muscle soreness and increases energy and mental energy levels. It’s also good for the cardiovascular system and the brain. I consider it the single most important food-supplement I take.

Udo’s Choice has a 2:1 ratio of Omega 3, an antiinflammatory fatty acid, to Omega 6, a pro-inflammatory fatty acid. The body needs both, in roughly equivalent amounts. However, like Elegua said, since we tend to consume too much sunflower, safflower, corn and peanut oil (all high in Omega 6’s) Udo’s choice is shifted in favor of Omega 3s. Since the Omega 6s we do get are usually “corrupted” or damaged, it’s still a good idea to get high-quality Omega 6s. My recommendation is that you alternate between a bottle of flaxseed oil and a bottle of Udo’s choice.

Berardi’s recommendation on EPA/DHA is 6 grams per day, up to 10. The only thing I’ve found to be cost effective and high in quality is bottles of the stuff. I use Health for the Sun from iHerb.com.

Read Barry Sears’ book. It will tell you about a test you need to take to ensure you have the correct ratio of EPA/AA. AA stands for arachidonic acid, which is an Omega 6 fatty acid.

Please, whatever you do, I know antiinflammatory sounds like what we all want, but you absolutely, positively need both for optimal health.

Hello, Im taking salmon oil by Solaray. I take 5 a day. One cap has 130 mgEPa and 70 mg DHA. I was wondering if you think im taking enough. It says each cap has a 1000mg but only has 200MG, im kinda confused on that. Im 6’1 200 , 19 years old and eat kinda good. Im an athlet who is very active. I dont take flax oil cause it taist horible and i was told it can lower your Test, any help would be great.
Train hard and God bless,

Just bought a product from BIOCHEM called OmegaBurn! Includes Fish oil/CLA/Flax/Perilla/sunflower/Extra virgin/Borage/DHA/Eveningprimrose - each capsule contains 1g of all those combined, recommended dosage is 5gelcaps. Looks allright so I’ll give it a try taking two omegaburn and two fish oil caps during morning and evening meals!