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Hi. I been dieting following the t-dawg diet. I have been told that eating that much bacon and eggs are bad for my heart. I don’t want to get rip and die from a heart attack. So my question is what is better for a breakfast besides bacon and eggs and please no MRP. I am trying just to have 1 MRP per day (cost to much). I am starting to get concern with all this saturated fats. Any comments from people following this diet?

When I did strictly keto diet, I got most of my fats from “good heart healthy” sources by using lots of flax oil and olive oil. Put flax and\or olive oil on cottage cheese, in protein shake, on tuna, etc etc.

Heb’s right. Nothing wrong with being concerned about longterm health. Flax oil and fish oil are good sources of healthy fats, personally I have trouble with olive oil. Don’t be too scared of bacon and eggs, though. Basically, as long as you’re healthy (and I’m assuming you are, since you’re on this site) you’re not going to clog your arteries. The LDL cholesterol elevation that you are prone to while eating those foods can be counter balanced from the HDL in flax, fish, sunflower seed, olive, and safflower oils. As long as you maintain a balance, youll be fine. If you’re the kind of person that needs whole foods as opposed to a few spoons of oil, try nuts. Good fats there, just be careful that you measure, lest you eat a whole jar. Hope this helps.

Walnuts are a good source of good fats.

Thanks for the replies. Any more would be appreciated.

MRPs are way cheaper than real food. This is a very common misperception.

10 egg white two slices of 98% fat free real ham not packaged and a serving of fiber.
3 eggs 5 whites ham and fiber
eeggs cottage cheese , steak fiber
Please, get creative and learn about foods or you will never learn.

What is the T-Dawg diet?

Eggs won’t kill you but bacon, on a long term basis, can be tough on your arteries. I wouldn’t have more than one slice of bacon a day, just for a little taste, unless I were in ketosis.

Typical MRPs (major brands like Met-RX, Lean Body, Myoplex, etc.) are about $1.50 to $2.00 per packet (a box of 20 is usually $30 to $40). What on earth is cheaper than that??

Read throught the FAQ and you should find a link to the original article and the Q&A article that followed. There has been a few modifications to the diet also since it was first published: 100 g CHO on training days, 70 g CHO on non-training days and your allowed up to 1g Pro per lb body weight.

What’s cheaper than an MRP? Let’s see a can of tuna for fifty cents plus two tablespoons of canola oil at about five cents a piece is just a tad less pricey. Or how about six egg whites and two tablespoons of oil. Around sixty cents again. Then you’ve got a cup of cottage cheese for about ninety cents which is a little more expensive, plus, once again, canola oil. Now these are what you call cheap.