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Fats vs Carbs


so today i got into a "discussion" with my roommates today about fats vs carbs. basically this argument arose because they have noticed that i like to eat bacon just about everyday for breakfast and i told one of them that they needed to stop throwing back these sugary smoothies (they throw in tampico juice for goodness sakes)if they wanna shed their belly. they come back at me with "you eat bacon dripping in fat everyday blah blah." i explained to them that i eat bacon and eggs everyday because they're carb free and im in a cutting stage. they still maintained that the "fatty" bacon was worse for than these sugary "fruity" smoothies. during this discussion i realize i cant really expalin why they're wrong.

i have a relatively basic understanding of nutrition when it comes to lifting (ie. caloric intake, fats, simple/complex carbs, proteins, insulin) but still couldn't form a valid argument. i explained to them about carbs being stored as fat when not used but i couldn't link the argument with the other side, the fats. so essentially what i'm asking in this thread is explain to me why they're wrong (and dammit i know they are)so i can throw it in their face...and possibly learn something along the way for myself.


If you want an argument catered to their level of understanding (as saying stuff like insulin, LPL, DNL and the like would just be too confusing for them), just say that "You have fat metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism in the body, if you consume dietary fats they will be exchanged with body fat and if you consume carbohydrate they will be exchanged with glycogen. If I want to lose body fat, I want to exchange in fat yet have a caloric deficit"

It's simplistic, but it should work. You could also add that, over time, if you eat too many carbs with working out (thus trading in glycogen) then you could shift dietary carbs into fat metabolism and kinda fuck up your body.


fats are good and carbs but to much is bad


Do a better job of losing fat than them. Make a bet.


Maybe we need to sticky them?


get cut on a relatively high fat diet. if you have abs and they have a belly, judging by their level of nutritional knowledge and understanding, that makes you right. works for me anyway