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I’m hoping somebody can shed some more light on the subject. Fats, they are hormonal building blocks especially Poly,and omega 3? Aiding in testosterone and eicasanoid synthesis. Fats: are easier to produce into energy and store? It doesn’t take the body very much energy to break them down? Even on a low carb diet can fat inhibit the breakdown of BF? How exactly does eating more fat let your body burn more? I understand lowering insulin levels but at what point is your body just using the incoming fats for fuel? Carbs Are more metabolically active. Carbs will only be stored as fat after all glycogen is filled. Increase metabolism. Will inhibit the breakdown of BF. ARe more likely to be stored as energy. hi Glycogen = not much fat burnt. How do carbs effect testosterone? Eating to little on a low carb diet makes t decrease but why?