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'Fats to Avoid' Mayo, Whole Fat Dairy?


I was just reading an article that i was sent through email. The discussion was diet, and in the "FATS TO AVOID" section i noticed mayonnaise and whole fat diary products. Is it not true that whole fat dairy product are better for training due to the natural benefits of the fats?? And how bad can mayonnaise be, as it is essentially made from eggs?? Am i wrong?

Opinions please!


I believe they say are saying to stay away from whole fat diary products due to the more fat content in diary there is a higher percentage of hormones from the cow. As well there is trans (bad) fat in whole dairy products.

I'm not sure about the mayonnaise why they say avoid it. I fucking love mayonnaise especially in tuna wraps!


Eggs and oil..It probably depends on the type of oil used, which is probably canola oil and is shit. I doubt olive oil makes tasty mayo, but I haven't tried to make it so can't say.


Avoid soybean and canola oil. Now if you eat a healthy non-processed diet with mostly good fats, I honestly don't think a little soybean oil in mayo is going to have an adverse effect, but overall you want to limit your intake of those types of oils.

Good oils: Oils in nuts, OLIVE, Sunflower, FISH, etc


Kraft makes mayo with olive oil, or at least they did about a year ago. I tried it and it didn't taste that good. The texture was different also. I'm not a big fan of mayo in the first place though.


olive oil mayo sucks taste wise

i saw safflower oil mayo in the store the other day... i might try that!


One will always find individuals who believe that saturated fat is the devil, eggs are the Antichrist, and animal fats in general will cause you to die decades sooner.

Fear not, assuming your diet is generally good. If it is a disaster, then it may well be the case that reduced saturated fat intake would somewhat ameliorate the otherwise-disastrous diet. But this does not mean that a good diet becomes unhealthful with these fats.


For the most part mayo is complete shit. The ingredient list is too long and even the stuff with olive oil has some soy and even HFCS or sugar. As far as I am concerned, the only acceptable mayo I have found is actually Vegenaise. It lacks eggs, but also lacks sugar and comes made with 100% grape seed oil, which is a great fat to ingest. It's $4-5 a jar, but actually tastes better than Helman's.