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Fats question

Hey all,

I’m running some numbers, and I need some help on fat sources.

if I need 24g fat per meal from flax/olive/fish oils does that mean gunning 24 1000mg capsules down me for a meal? surely not… gak …for 3 meals a day? I’ll rattle when I walk :slight_smile:

what’s the deal with liquid oil, is that 1g per ml? downing 24mls of liquid seems more feasible than eating all those capsules.

thanks a huge amount in advance,

background for those with questions:
for my tuna, steak and chicken meals I need to get 24g of fats in with. that number has come from .45g per lb LBM split over 4 meals.

don’t want to use cheese 'cause I’m having a cheese/egg omlette for the other P+F meals

this leaves me with nuts (no probs) or oils.

yes, I know about the fat in the meat, I’ll discount from the 24gs

my other two meals are P+C- 1st breakfast and PWO on training day, 1st and 2nd breakfast on non-training days.

Yes, liquid is the way to go with flax and fish oils. Gulp down a spoonful of fish oil, a spoonful of flax oil, and drizzle some olive oil on your tuna/steak/chicken, and you’ll be all set.

SLB, start by subtracting the fat in the meat you eat. From there pour a little olive oil or flaxseed oil on top of your meat or add it to a shake. You can also pour it over your salad or your veggies.

You can your get fat from the mayonnaise you add to your tuna. There’s fat in eggs and lean ground beef and salmon. If you don’t like your current options, get your fat from (raw) nuts or nut butters. Lots of options. Liquid fat is 14g per Tablespoon, 4.66g per teaspoon.

“Liquid fat is 14g per Tablespoon, 4.66g per teaspoon.”

oh, brilliant.
well that makes 24g minus the fat in the meat easy to acheive.

thanks, that’s exactly the info I was after.

Take care,