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Fats Post Workout


I've read alot of info saying that fats slow down the absorbtion of nutrients, so it's a bad idea to eat them post workout. However, I think I've read on here from a number of posters (and if I recall correctly even Thibs) that Post workout carbs arent essential and carbs are better PRE workout.

Right now my routine involves drinking gatorade and 50 g worth of protein on my way back from the gym, then about 30 mins after fixing a dozen eggs with cheese and salsa. I've gotten pretty good results, but I was wondering if what I was doing was possibly sub-optimal.

So any insight/experience with different Post workout nutrition would be appreciated.


I have all my carbs pre wo and usually eat eggs post. Seems to work just fine for me.



The optimal post-workout "meal" depends on your workout (i.e. how much volume you did, how intense it was, etc). And not to mention your training goals. But relative to your initial question, a few grams of fat in your post-workout meal is not going to matter much, unless they are pro-inflammatory fats and you go nuts eating them. So no Popeye's chicken.



Well my goal is really hypertrophy, and I have a moderate amount of volume in my workout. So the postworkout eggs isnt going to really interfer with anything??