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Fats Peri-Workout?


Does ingestion of fats cause any problems with hormonal response to working out? I read a study that showed a high decrease in serum gh lvls after consumption of fats pwo. I only get two meals a day with my eating plan at college so I'm trying to make a calorie dense shake thats light on carbs ( doing AD).


Generally speaking fats are a no..no for peri-workout.


Yeah, thats what i though. Thanks


I think what BlueCollar told you is the safe bet...BUT I would love to see an article here on ths topic because I'm aware, for example, that some research has indicated that fat can increase the insulin respone to a given carb load. I just don't know enough about it to say when and under what conditions this may or may not occur. It seems very possible that the type of fat and the amount ingested could make a big difference.

I would really like to understand more about the possibility of using particular fats to augment the anabolic response of the body to protein and carbs.



I believe John Meadows touched on it in one of his recent spills, or maybe his fats article.


I read that right when it came out so i don't know if any conversations relating to mine came up but i don't remember him addressing it.


I read a study that tested how the body responds to to certain types of food pwo. They tested fats and carbs and did a control. The carb group was given 500kcals in potato starch the fats group was given 500kcal is heavy whipping cream and the control group i don't remember. Basically the carbs decreased serum gh lvls by a decent amount about 30% and the fats decreased it by 80%. Both were compared to the control group.


He touched on it somewhere in comments or a spill-- still looking for it for you. I don't know if you count it as research- but he goes into detail a bit.


Doesn't really make a difference.

I mean, a lot of these things don't make a big difference unless your nutrition is SPOT ON. Someone like Synergy who has his body down to a science would notice but to people like me (trying to get big, not planning on doing shows anytime soon)...just get the calories in when you can and how you like to.


this is how i feel too... doesn't matter for most.

hell, if you have FINiBARs you're consuming fat peri-wo.


One of the things you have to look at when reading these studies is the amounts the subjects were given. Sure the fat might have lowered gh levels, but how much was administered? 10 grams? 40 grams? 2 grams?


I think that during the training 'window' it does make a difference. Of course if you are in the calories in/calories out group you would disagree. A lifter can make some progress 'from the hip', but I know I would have never made it over 180 lbs without taking things like this seriously......IMO evrything makes a difference.


I think you could just divide 500 by 9 to get the amount of grams of fat and that would come out to about 55g of fat pwo


I agree with you too sir. I changed from carb cycling diet to AD and was taking in the same amout of kcals. I felt and looked a lot better. I do believe in calories in/calories out but only to an extent. At some point to make more progress one will have to put in more work in the weight room or the kitchen.


I'm not in any group, to be honest I like fats peri workout because the energy spike i get is more stable and lasts longer. I do know how to work with insulin sensitivity/nutrition timing.

I didn't throw my opinion out there though because it would complicate things. Saying you couldn't get past 180lbs without implementing things like this is a very individualized statement.

Obviously worrying about these things didn't halt your progress (great job by the way), but for 95% of newbies it would.


This is from one article written by John Meadows, not sure if this is what was being referred to. Basically I read this and think that having some fat pre-workout is okay. Thoughts? Am I misreading this? If not, what should those of us on the Anabolic Diet be eating pre-workout?