Fats in MET-Rx

Tonight at work I realized that I didn’t bring a new supply of Muscle Milk with me when I left for work. So since I was out, I decided to go to Safeway and buy a small box of MET-Rx protein. I haven’t used MET-Rx in a long time, but I’ve always believed the protein to be of a high quality.

Anyways, I was reading the ingredients and I was shocked to see that it contained 3 types of partially hydrogenated oils. As we all know those are trans fats. Then if that wasn’t enough of a shock, the nutrition facts state that the product contains 0g of Trans Fat.

I’m hoping that since these ingredients are way down near the bottom of the ingredient list that this is a case of the manufacturer being allowed to claim 0g Trans Fats because the product contains less than 1 full gram. I think it’s wrong and they should print in the nutrition facts that it contains < 1g Trans Fat. That would be more honest labeling.

I mean why even bother adding it at all if it’s really such a small amount. Would we even miss it if it weren’t added to their product? The total fat facts are 3g total and 2g Saturated. BTW, it also contains a whoping 1,190 mg of Potassium, which is a lot for an MRP of this type.

You’re worried about trans fat but you drink Muscle Milk… Funny.