Fats in Eggs

Sorry if this has been asked before, anyway when i eat P+F’s i eat them for good fats rather than any fat. So i usually eat salmon, or chicken with olive oil or flax oil etc
But im wondering about eggs, are the fats in the yolks any good for you in terms of good fats or is it bad fats to avoid?


Dark one-
I usually buy the grain feed hen eggs that are high in Omega 3s as well as large crate of regular eggs. I use one whole 03 egg for every 2 to 3 regular egg white when making omelets. Those Omega 3 eggs are very good and have come down in price quite a bit. I am not sure what percent is good fat to bad fat but I believe they are a good bit better.

I think it was Eric Serrano who said once that a person could eat as many eggs as he wanted and not worry about cholesterol or other health concerns. I think T-mag reported that in one of the SWIS articles.

I tend to limit dairy fats, but don’t worry too much about the fat in lean meats or eggs. Buy the good omega-3 eggs if you can though. Just a little more expensive than regular eggs.

thanks i think i remember seeing these :slight_smile:

WOAH eat as many eggs as you’d like and NOT worry about Cholesterol? Yea, maybe if you ran 20 miles a day? About 3 years ago i would eat about 4 eggs whole every other day. My cholesterol was 175. I took out all the yolks and did the same, a year later and it was 135. Coincidence, i think not.

bobo, did anything else change about your life or did you just stop eating the yolks? Training will also lead to those drops.


  1. A total cholesterol of 175 is not considered too high.

  2. The important numbers are the HDL and LDL, the total less so.

175 is normal but, my shit droped so much. my doc told me that my cholesterol was extremely low and its great to be that low. Nothing else changed, still did the same shit everyday.

Two important points.

  1. Cholesterol = Testosterone

  2. Dietary cholesterol does NOT influence endogenous synthesis of cholesterol. This has been proven OVER and OVER again!!! Blood cholesterol is influenced by the ratio of Saturated fatty acids to polyunsaturates in the diet.

Eat your eggs dammit!

I have more.

I can’t let this one die because it is near and dear to my heart (it’s what I’m writing my thesis on) :wink:

220 g of cooked salmon has 50 g of protein, 16 g of fat (6% sfa, 14% mufa, 17% pufa) and 142 mg of CHOLESTEROL.

175 g of cooked lean round steak has 55 g of protein, 11 g of fat (14% sfa, 15% mufa, 1 % pufa) and 147 mg of CHOLESTEROL.

1 medium egg has 5.5 g of protein, 4.6 g pf fat (20% sfa, 24 % mufa, 8 % pufa) and 180 mg of CHOLESTEROL.

Unless you become vegetarian you can not avoid cholesterol.

Also, all eggs naturally contain omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (7% DHA and 11% linoleic acid respectively). They are an important source of the antioxident lutein. And they are an excellent source of folate and vitamin B12.

Ditto to cassanova.

Who the hell cares about cholesterol? Since when is it bad for your health?


I’ve been eating four-five eggs each day for breakfast along with some turkey bacon. My cholesterol level is just great. In fact, I’ll be reporting and update on my blood work soon.

By the way, I eat extra large eggs and they contain 7 grams of protein and only 1.5 grams of saturated fat (5 grams total fat). Bad for you? I think not!

I eat 4 whole eggs every day and my cholesterol was 132 six months ago and 124 the year before.

I eat eggs in a similar manner to Cravell and definitely agree that the omega eggs are much preferred to regular eggs.

I’d also like to mention that I think it was the white toast, butter, sausage, bacon, biscuits and jelly that created the blood lipid problems, not the eggs that people were eating with all the above junk.

That’s some pretty phat information there Miss Fat.