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Fats for FFBs

hi guys! im hoping to get some help here although this is kinda embarassing.

First of all im a former fat boy ir ffb as Dr Lowery would put it and i’ve been following a 45-40-15 ccarb prot fat ratio for a long time now. round 6months now i guess. when i began to introduce more good fats into my diet. round 20% of my total cal intake. I began to experience oily discharges just like the one people get when they use Xenical-like drugs. I also felt like crap and felt a decrease in energy for bout 3days.

is this normal or did my body become intolerant to fats? or Should i maintain my past diet? I’m also getting getting fair amount of strenght in my previous diet.

far as I know, fatty acids should boost your metabolism rather than tearing it down. However, since digestion takes energy and fat is harder to digest than carbs, maybe that’s why you felt down.

As for the oily discharges I don’t know, however, if you’re not used to stuff like olive oil and other polyunsaturated fats, your digestion can’t handle them well in the beginning and you might develop a nasty diarrhoe for a couple of weeks.

Passes, though…

I’d stick with it, but after all you gotta do what your body tells you.