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Fats for Females

Hi. I have read that having a higher fat diet is important to increase testosterone levels. However, is this important for a female? I would think higher fat diets would make a woman produce more estrogen and store more fat on her stomach or hips rather than help her gain muscle. Is this true?

Well with both its not really a high fat diet but an Optimal Fat diet. Not shorting onesself. It is the LOW fat Dogma of recent past that makes a good balanced diet seem to be high fat to many people.

Yes fats are important to women just as much as men. Not only for T and E but EVERY hormone, as well as a plethora of other body functions. Eating healthy fats can/may actually make you leaner even with a higher intake. Not to mention the good skin and hair, optimal immune funtion, keeping cholestorol in check, Yes by eating fat.

shoot for between .4 and .6g perlb of balanced good (non-trans) fat including all and not ignoring any of the Sats, PUFA’s, or MUFA’s

Hope that helps,

i’ve been reading the same for men, but not just as a way to be more healthy, but as a trial and error factor for instance.
you present me with the problem that you want to gain lean mass and your having a hard time doing so.
i might suggest increasing your caloric intake buy using a macrobolic chart that increases caloric intake to 25% fat 25% 50% carbs for 3-8 weeks.
this program would include intense powerlifting and arobics designed around mass gaining.
but no i have never heard of simply increasing fats boosts testosterone.

I’m not sure if this helps you at all, but here’s a link to a thread asking about EFA’s and women. There are some great responses and I copied and pasted a bunch of info I found in different articles. Nothing seems to relate directly to your questions, but maybe it would be of interest…


Thanks so much! I was just wondering what kind of fats are found in avacado and eggs? I’m having trouble keeping my fat down to only .4 g. per pound because just all the little things add up. I mean, I weigh 118 lb and I eat about 3600 calories a day. In all that food there is just fat that adds up. I mean for breakfast I have 2 eggs plus 2 egg whites, an english muffin (whole wheat), an apple, and a yogurt. That alone would be almost half my fat!! (9 in eggs, 1 in muffin, 2.5 in yogurt) How can I keep it down?

Also what foods have omega 6s? How can I reduce those and increase the 3s?


Avacados while containing some of all fats like all foods are High in MUFA’s, eggs as well have about the same % of MUFA’s as Sats, and a little PUFA.

Other rgeat sources of Omega 3’s are Walnuts. They are an awesome source. Also flax and omega three eggs. Salmon and other fatty fish.

Oh and if eating Large you should not worry so much about keeping the Fat below .4, I would say going as huigh as .6 or more may even help. The GOOD fats are well GOOD and may even aid in a leaner bulk.

Check out: www.nutritiondata.com


for complete nutritional values of several thousand different foods.


Okay… in case you are really lazy, here’s a food composition in clickable format:

USDA Food Composition Tool

[quote]raul_90013 wrote:
but no i have never heard of simply increasing fats boosts testosterone.

Then you haven’t done much reading in your unproductive 7 years of training.


Dr. John Berardi recommends that 25-35% of your daily caloric intake should be from fats. So on a 3600 kcal diet, you should be consuming about 100-140g of fat. He also recommends that 1/3 of your fat intake should come from each type of fat (saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated). Fish oil capsules are a great way to add healthy fat to the diet. I take about 20 in order to meet the recommended 6g of EPA/DHA per day, but you can also meet that suggestion by eating salmon or other fatty fish.

Protein is great. Fat is good. Crabs are tricky little devils. Repeat 3 times before putting any food in your mouth.