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Fats Are Always "High"

Hello i read about one gram of lipid by kilo, but when u eat around 2900/3000 kcal is hard to keep the level of lipid to 1gr.
It’s important if is more than 1g or that doesn’t matter, Actually i try to take of the little fat that i had in my stomach, i just play with glucide. And i reduce the lipid with oleaginous, now i eat only 20 grams, black chocolat 30 g, eggs and bread in the morning and for the diner pasta or rice, vegetables and meat.

My shaker is 500 milliliter of milk (Kefir) and oat 50 g.

Lipid 112

I’m 70 kilo for 180, iam close to take the old fat that i had when i was 76kilo, and after that i will increase the kcal for bulk again but stay more clean (1kilo) by month even 500 g for stay good, i dont want be very cut just i want to see my Abs

I can see my abs while consuming a diet higher in fats. The trick is to keep the carbs lower if the fats are higher.

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Ok thank dude, because i know that low lipid can be bad for the body, i was thinking that maybe high lipid can be bad too

It absolutely can be. High anything can be bad for the body

But 1.5 isn’t to much 115 g for 70 kilo, only “good food”

Carb if i calcul, is 5g by kilo, lipid around 1.3/5

I eat as much as 5000 calories right now and often keep my fats under 50 grams. It is not hard. Why would it be an issue? Do you not carry extra fat? Keeping fats low can be an issue when deep into a diet and really lean.

140 grams of protein? I would raise that, especially during a fat-loss phase.

There is no predetermined amount of how much is too much. It’s individual dependent

2g by kilo of protein, and now I don’t lost weight, iam in my maintenance i think, but when i will be able to run 1 hours and more will see, if i loose to much weight or not, but i want keep this maintenance and burn a bit, i dont have so much fat, even i think is Good now, i will show a picture of now and before after

Ok ok, im feel good i think like that, my dick still wake up so is a good indicator :thinking::v:

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I didnt train (4 month) i was traveling, i really had nothing (fat now ) i lost 6 kilo, but still a want burn a bit the fat in my stomach, a bit more, and after that, increase the weight step by step, im 70 kilo, i would like stay around 74/75 kilo clean as i can. So gain 1 kilo or less by month. But maybe i need to go to 68 kilo before ?

So i train 3 times and run 2 times with a diet that i can adapt, but for the moment a keep the same amount (3000 kcal ) i want be able to run 15/20km before to run only 1 time ( Hit ) and training 4 time.

Sorry for my English