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Fats And Carbs Together??

Hey there, tis the rook again. After all the advice I got from you guys I went and read up on John Berardi’s “Get-Big-Diet”. One the main points was not to eat Fats and Carbs together, right?
That this was the biggest mistake in someone trying to put on muscle’s diet.

Well then why does the very first meal mix Flaxseed oil with cooked oats?

here’s the excerpt:

Meal 1
? 1 cup cooked oatmeal (prepare with water only or the above mentioned milk and add cinnamon or other spices)
? 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil (mix in with the oatmeal)

Later in the days meal plans, is a meal mixing sweet potatoe with a stir fry cooked in olive oil?

This doesnt compute. Am i just a retard? I started this diet today, regardless. Please could any the pros here clarify?

you can mix less then 10 grams of carbs in a P+F meal and the same goes for a P+C meal 10 grams of fat…of course you try to go as low as you can…as far as the flax in mixed with the oatmeal(P+C meal) the amount of flax he is recomending does not have all that much fat,but it also contains carbs(if it was flax meal he was saying to use)the carbs are low impact and full of fiber…hope this helps…

I think Dave is right on.

As long as one is below 10 grams would be okay. The absolute No?s would be High GI carbs with Saturated and/or Hydrogenated fats. I.e. Ice Cream, French fries, Bacon double cheese burger, Big Mac with that extra bottom bun stuck in there…(What the hell do the do with all the tops?..sorry ADHD acting up)

I make my own protein bars that are quite high in fat and medium in carbohydrates. One of few instances where I do combine p+F+C. Other than that, I leave it to cheat meals only.


Actually the Get-Big Diet was written by Thomas Incledon. That was around awhile before Massive Eating appeared. Even so, while its a great concept for many, not everyone agrees with splitting fats and carbs in every meal. That protocol was designed mainly to increase lean body mass with minimal fat, but a lot of people still do it the “old way” too. So if you’re a little on the heavy side already or youre afeered’ of putting on fat, Massive Eating may be the way to go for you. Otherwise, putting too much detail and time into designing your diet can be more work than actually picking up the fork and eating it. So go eat!

Isn’t a tablespoon of flax 14g of fat?

It is also probably more critical to separate CHO and FATS later in the day or the further away from your workouts.

Some of the most ripped guys I know snack on Apples and Peanut Butter. Low GI carb and Good fats. But usually in the AM or close to workout.

A tablespoon of flax oil is 14g of fat; a tablespoon of ground flax seeds is about half that.

John Nacorss worte this…

“The reason that the Get Big Diet does not conform to JB’s principles is because it was written by Thomas Incledon several months prior to JB’s Massive Eating series.”

So whats the deal? Have any of you read this Get -Big -Diet? How would you rate it for a rookie like myself from 1-10? And by the way, Im really tall and lean-not fat-but i have a small flab belly errrrgh.

Yes, most of us have read it. All in all it’s a solid plan. It’s just a little outdated with the Massive Eating plan, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. You may put less fat on using the P/F and P/C meal splits, but don’t overanalyze it. Plenty of BB’s put on some nice size eating P/C/F in the same meal long before Massive Eating was even in existence.


Berardi is the next evolution in bodybuilding dieting information, but even he has said you don’t need to eat absolutely every meal with carbs and fats separate. It is the most optimum though. I just remember him surprising people by having a suggested meal plan for a day which included a meal or two with carbs and fats mixed.

I usually try my best to follow the separation of carbs and fats, but if I can’t, or am having a cheat meal, then I don’t worry about it. Also I believe that people new to the concept may want to ease into this type of eating, for psychological reasons.