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Fats and Carbs Research

In the Massive Eating diet regime certain food combinations were suggested and others warned against. Specifically, Fats and carbs were warned against being eaten together because of the body’s insulin response and the resulting shuttling of nutrients to the fat cells rather than the muscle cells. Carbs and proteins were supposed to be eaten together and protein with fats.
Now we have all seen research showing that protein slows digestion and lowers the insulin spike, thereby allowing the body to absorb nutrients over a longer time period. But I have seen no research sited for the fat and carb combos. Is there anything to support these claims beside empirical evidence? (As a note, I went on Massive eating and went from 172 to 188 in five weeks and kept my body fat percentage in the singles) I don’t have a problem with the food combinations, but it is hard to suggest it to clients when you don’t have any research to back you up.
Cheers for anyhelp.

those are some good gains… you followed the program completly? how much did ur body fat increasE? i plan on using the program for 8 weeks.
but besides the massive eating articles.i dont kno of ne other research… but i think my body responds better to eating carbs and fat seperatley