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Fats and Carbs Combined?


Hey guys starting a bulk very soon and was not sure if it was okay to combine carbs and fats..just not sure how the whole insulin thing would workout...any suggestions..thanks!


You're bulking and you're afraid of insulin? Does that not seem bizarre on reflection?


I was wondering if it affected anything combining the two..


Is this the first time you've ever been on a regimented diet? I ask because it's usually the case that beyond the biochemistry of diet and nutrition, our bodies tend to react different ways depending on the person in question to certain inputs. Some people think C+F meals are a huge problem, others don't. Personally, the only reason I think they're often a problem is because they don't include enough protein; that said, oatmeal+PB is a great C+F meal that's a staple for many.

So, give it a shot. See how your body reacts. Personally, I don't like eating a lot of carbs when I'm lifting, but when I'm just running my body really sends me signals that it wants/needs lots of carbs. Listen to your body and don't be afraid to try things out.


It was thought combining the two were bad for body comp. For some reason people think that when fat is digested it doesn't breakdown it just stays a fatty molecule and if insulin is raised that the fat would just be stored. Of course this is ridiculous. Human, animal, and plant fats are not interchangeable.

I will say that combining the two makes it very easy to get a lot of calories in at one time so watch the total calorie intake. Then again you are bulking and if your workload is high enough you shouldn't worry.

If you're worried make sure to get some protein in those meals as you prolly should anyways.

My .02