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FatLoss-Surge or Methoxy?

My training and nutrition programs are going well, but I was wondering; if I could only get Surge or Methoxy to aid in my fatloss(while keeping my LBM), what would you recommend?

Are you on MD6 & T2 pro? These would be my first 2 choices over everything else. As for Surge I am never without it and always keep 3-4 jugs so I’ll never be without. I drink 1/2 a serv during training and1/2 immediatlly after. If you can afford the Methoxy it is definantly worth the cost as it allows you to keep your hard earned muscle. If you are not on MD6 or T2 my suggestions would be to start with these along with Surge then bring on the Methoxy later in the cutting phase. Get your measurements checked rountinely to make sure you are not losing too much muscle, and go by this to let you know when to incorporate the Methoxy. ALWAYS use Surge.

In your situation I would suggest the Methoxy as it has worked very well for me in keeping lean body mass while dieting. If I were bulking I would go with Surge. Just my .02.

This will confuse you after that last post… I haven’t been able to see any results from methoxy. On the other hand, I’m very sure that Surge has given me more energy when using it pre-workout, and has helped my recovery while dieting.

Your looking at 2 different tiers in the supplement pyramid. But since your question is about fatloss & you chose Surg or Methoxy then I would choose Methoxy. You should look into the “Fatloss” stack.
The Surge should be a staple in your regimen. It has been one with me. It has definitely helped with recovery. Soreness has gone down and recovery has gone up. It’s a great thing!!