fatloss plateau

guys,could you help me out? i hit a fat loss
plateau. Iam currently 180 16%BF.I have been at this point for 3 weeks. i lift 3 days a week, run sprints on off days.My diet is 2000 cal per day 100 carbs(counting my surge post workout)pro.190 fat 60. On nonworkout days carbs are around 50. I dont want to drop cal. any further Iam trying ot get to 10%bf or below.Thanks in advance! apple

2000 calories at 180 lbs and 16%BF is pretty high cals for cutting cycle. After being on cutting cycle for awhile, your body/metabolism will adjust to new level and need to drop cals further to get body to continue to burn fat.

Heb, since jan i have went from 205 to 180. How much lower should i drp them?

You could drop calories a little further, not much though. Maybe slowly head down to 1500-1600 per day. I would suggest keeping calories the same and adding some aerobic work. Maybe 30 minutes of moderate cardio after your sprint sessions and 15 minutes after your lifting sessions. In my opinion, the benefits you will get from cardio (increased RMR and insulin sensitivity) outweigh the benefits of cutting calories further. You could cut 250 calories from food or add 250 calories worth of cardio. I think the cardio will be more beneficial.

Thanks jason i will give it a try.You just had to say the “C” word didnt ya! :slight_smile:

I have been there many times. Up the calories to 2400 for the next 4 weeks by adding fats and protein. Seriously. In 4 weeks, let us know how many pounds of fat you lost.

Apple, are you the same that posts on NAAFA?

I think you will find that cardio will help aid your fat loss. Cardio is even more important when doing a low carb diet. I never like to take calories much below 2000 for someone your size. I know that Heb did very well on his cutting cycle at 1500 cals per week, but I can’t tolerate that low level very well. Hey, keep us posted on your results at the Getting Ripped Support Group version 2.0

Thanks guys! No iam not the same apple that posts on NAAFA board, It just happens to be my last name.If i had known i would have picked a doffrent handle.