Fatloss-Meltdown Training

I have read through the past testosterone issues so my question is not “How can I loss fat, I have been doing Body for Life, and that has not worked, do I need to start taking steriods?”
My question, is the gym I work out does not open early so I have to go after work. In the second go round of Meltdown traing, it recommends to work in morning and afternoon. How can I modify this to fit my job. Do I need to go during lunch and then when I get off of work at 5? Thanks for the help.

Do the cardio intervals in the am, then the weights in the pm.

NEED TO TAKE STERIODS? The people who want the quick and easy way use steriods. Never understood the logic of finding the easiest way to a better body.

Hyphnz was right on. I’m doing the meltdown right now and if there are conflicting things in your schedule you can do the cardio in the morning before work and then hit the weights later. I’ll tell ya though its no fun. I’m seeing results already (its been 4 weeks, combined with sorta T-dawg diet) but the workout is tough and i dont enjoy it but I have the goal of what I’ll look like on the beach at spring break. So there you go, cardio AM, weights PM. Now you have no excuses so get to it. Good luck

I don’t think it really matters all that much. In the Fat 2 Fire article, it says that for best effects, you should do the training when blood glucose is at its highest, which is usually early in the morning pre-breakfast or about 3 hours after a meal. I believe the Meltdown times are based on the same concept.

BTW, the whole “steriod” thing was a joke. Just like those kids who say, “I’m 15, have worked out for two weeks and am not huge, do I need to take steriods.”