Fatloss Diets - Thoughts?!

Hey every one i just finished my first bulking phase im about 6’2 226 pounds lookin to drop down to about 200-210. Not 100% sure my bf% ill be posting a picture once i get enough money to buy a camera. BTW im pretty lean i can still see my abs if i flex. Anyhow i was wondering about cutting i was looking into a few diets

  1. Anabolic diet did it for a week but had to stop because ti didn’t work well with basketball.
  2. Keto witch i dont see the difference from the anabolic diet other then the carb ups if someone can explain thankyou.
  3. Carb cycling 3 days low 1 days high repeat, Or low/med/high.
  4. Low carb (sub 100) then a weekly re-feed of about 500-600 gram of carbs and fat as low as possible on my hardest trainning day (lower #2).
    Thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

No camera on your phone?

i have an old flip phone with no camera im low on money right now i just started living on my own…

They’d all work,… but what would work best for YOU would be the one that you stick with until you reach your goal.


What are your goals? Are you looking for a short term diet to lose a couple of BF %'s or longer term?

my goals are to loose my weight in about 12-16 weeks, while having the most muscle spared. I want to get my full six pack to show too before i bulk up so around 8-10% bf

By your last post, it’s obvious you missed this, please read and start dieting.

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
They’d all work,… but what would work best for YOU would be the one that you stick with until you reach your goal.


oh i see, okay well can you guys share your results with any of those diets that you used? Also i dont really see the difference between keto and the anabolic diet other than the re-feed is there really a difference?

Low to moderate carb progressing in a carb cycle when necessary is my preference. They are all effective (as mentioned already). You should have given the Anabolic Diet longer than a week btw.
Just keep it simple.

I wouldve kept the anabolic diet longer than a week it just didnt sustain my energy needs for basketball because i wasnt fully fat adapted yet, can you tell me the difference between keto and that though? Also for low to moderate carb what would the fat intake be?

you know youll hit keotisis if fat is high and carbs are that low no matter what…