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Fatima Whitbread and Her Troupe of Squirrels


Now that I have been told the meaning of the crypticlly titled threads, I feel obliged to start a log myself. Ok, more accurately I was told to start one. And I may try 5/3/1 but thats more to do with the threat of being killed and eaten if I dont.

And my numbers will make you feel good about yourself.

Goals are to keep lifting in a way I enjoy- for as long as I can. And to improve my lifts for as long as I can in that time.

The main lifts just now are the Hang Power Clean, Strict MP and 20 rep Back Squat/Pullover. The main lifts vary but retain a big pull, a squat and a press. I do other exercises too, but dont really care about measuring them.

all numbers in lbs, converted from Kg, hence they may seem a bit odd to lbs users.

HPC 132lbs x 3
154 x 3
176 x3
198 x 2

MP bar x 10
77 x 5
99 x 5
121 x 4

Back Squat 160 x 20
Dumbell floor Pullovers 55 x 10


Now THAT is a log title.

Welcome aboard! Believe it or not, your numbers don't make me feel better. Unfortunately, only mine can do that. And they aren't cooperating.

Enjoy the ride...


I think the thread title is awesome.

Don't forget we need to know your age, weight and true hair colour. Okay we don't really. However, for those of us that compete, everything but hair colour is public record and I like a level playing field. Thanks :slight_smile:


Now that's a winning log title if i've ever heard one, glad you took the good natured hazing in stride. Welcome aboard.

What part of God's country are you from?


And you forgot injury history because we all have them.

Welcome you will fit in here I can tell by the title. Squirrels are great on whitebread with a little mustard and onions.


Welcome to the olfd folks home.

I don't care what weight they are 20 rep squats are a sign of character, or mental illness.


Thanks for the welcome y'all,

hair colour - moosey broon (the color of a brown mouse)not that theres a lot of hair left.

I hail from the Kingdom of Fife, the part of Scotland all other Scots wished they came from. Bluebrasil is the nickname of the local football team. Because they wear blue shirts and play as well as the Brasilian National side.

Injuries- just a fragile elbow from catching a max clean badly.

just started back squatting, terrible levers makes front squatting much easier but find it difficult to keep the bar from rolling off my shoulders. The f x d of squatting is such that I get puffed out before getting anywhere near muscle failure on 20 rep squats, but hey, its got to be good for the heart.

Didnt think I could get to parallel for years, but did the stretching and its a piece of cake.


oh DJHT, no doubt you know who Fatima Whitbread is, seeing as she is an athlete of legendary status, but the recipe sounds tasty

Fatima- I'm sorry, I realise you probably dont have a troupe of squirrels- its only a joke.



go to the bottom of this page and you will see what I do with a pair of straps to help with front squats. I have a very limited ROM of my wrists so I have to use this.


Fair play for posting a log after the ribbing you got.

Scottish and over 35 that's got to be quite rare. Isn't the average life expectancy 41 or something?

Just kidding.

If you get as strong as Fatima Whitbread you'll be doing OK. She was one strong bloke.



thanks, I might give that a go with the straps.


Scottish Jokes from a man from Wales with sheep in his avatar. Youre brave.

But yes, life expectancy isnt great in this COUNTRY, whats it like in your PRINCIPALITY?


I'm English and living in Wales and they're Goats. I did say "just kidding".


Sorry, you know what we're like with being a bit intolerant of our neighbours on this island

I did wonder if they were sheep or goats and picked the wrong one.


What's up with the 20-rep squats? I'm a rep hater myself.

You can log in kilos if you want. We're all pretty good at math here. And those of us who compete understand kilos pretty well.

No one will kill you if you don't do 5/3/1. I'm still alive, for example, and have never done nor have any desire to do 5/3/1.

Welcome. It's a nice group here.



Where always happy to have another soon to be gray hair in here.

As for 5/3/1 I am considered a heretic by the powers above.


Welcome. I wore this outfit just for you.
You certainly know how to make an entrance.
I was 25 when Bon Scott died. Yeah, I'm old. Love ACDC. Their music fills up my ipod. 5/3/1 just makes 9 and boring workouts.
Good goal - enjoying yourself.


Hi, Bluebrasil. If this thread is as much fun as the last one, it's going to be good. Oh yes, we also would like to know your athletic background, favorite sports, diet, injuries, VISA number, expiration date, ATM PIN...


this log can't go any further until you state your beverage of choice, man, beverage of choice.


Welcome! and if your adult beverage of choice isn't Scotch I'll be very suprised...