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Fatigued Low Back After DL Warm-up


I'm not sure when this problem started, but it is at least a couple of weeks old. On deadlift days, right after the first warm-up set (on really low weights), I get a kind of tired feeling in my lower back, with soreness - not pain - upon standing up or holding a weight in front of the body. Also, I get a heavy lumbar lordosis and tight erectors, and all this from warm-up.

I actually manage the heavy sets without problem and with much less of the desribed feeling, but when I try to do Romanian deadlifts after the heavy deadlift sets, the lower back feels really sore and I can't make more than a few repetitons, despite the weight not being high. Thus, I've had to stop doing RDLs for a few weeks now, which annoys me. Any ideas of what I might do to solve this? A reference video of med doing a heavy set is attached.


I guess that the fact that you are not arching hard and bounce the reps without much control have something to do with it..


lighten the weight get your technique down. You don't have to go to baby weights but enough to where you are arching your back more. You still don't arch much in the middle of your set but you arch better than when you start.... Then again if you start off bad it takes much more to catch up.

You might want to work stiff legged deadlifts a few core exercises with someone telling you or with more videos. .....

You also should be able to spot the back rounding in the video yourself, its that bad and that obvious. Once you can spot that then maybe you can queue yourself in during your set.

couple of other pointers, your arms don't seem to taught as though your lifting a little bit with them. You shouldn't you can seriously hurt some arm muscles like that.