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Fatigued in middle or workout..

Lately I’ve noticed with my new program, I’m getting tired way too soon.

day1: squat 5x5,
clean + jerk 3x5,
leg press 3x8,
lunges 3x12 (combined),
leg raises 3x10 w/burnout knee raises following last set.

day2: dead lift 5x5,
power clean 3x5,
pullups 5x5,
bentover rows 3x8,
curls 3x8

day3: bench 5x5,
mil. press 3x8,
upright rows 3x8,
dips 3x8,
and that rear shoulder workout 3x10

On my last dead lift workout, I didn’t really have enough energy to do even power clean, let alone eveything else. I used to be able to take the bar right from the chest position and bring it down to the floor with control, tap the ground, and begin the next rep. Now I have to set the bar down and rest in between each rep. Also, sometime I can’t even get the bar to the ground without resting it on my quads for a second.

On my squat workout the only problem I have is at the end when it comes to doing leg raises. My legs are so worn from doing everything else I don’t have enough juice to lift them up.

On upper body I seem to be doing fine.

My question is, do I need to cut some lifts out of my workouts? If so, which ones? Which workout must stay in in consideration of being proportional, and which ones can go? Also, do I need to change my rep patterns?

You should rearrange the sequence that you perform your exercises.

Begin with:

  1. Oly Lifts
  2. Explosive Lifts
  3. Limit strength lifts (high intensity
  4. ‘Hypertrophy Lifts’ (moderate
    intensity,higher reps)
  5. Endurance, conditioning lifts,

Here’s what I’d do:

On day 1, lose the leg presses and put the C+Js first. Maybe lower the reps on the lunges too, depending on what you mean by “combined”.

On day two, I’d power clean OR deadlift but not both.

On day 3 I’d lose the upright rows.

What’s your training frequency like? You need adequate time between days one and two since you’re getting a lot of posterior chain work with both.

First I would recommend you change your order of lifts, on day 1 I would move your clean & jerk to the first exercise you perform and on day 2 I would move the power clean to the first exercise as well. You do not want to pre exhaust yourself before preforming ballistic movements. As far as your energy level being low in the middle workouts I would take a look at your meals before and during your workout. A protein shake and dextrose shake during your workout could do wonders.

Die-I do not know what Oly lifts and and such are. What are my limit strength lifts, hypertrophy lifts, and endurace lifts or what should they be?

My lifting frequency is 4 days a week. Monday, Teusday, Thursday, and Friday. It looks like this…

m t w r f
1 2 3 1
2 3 1 2
3 1 2 3
1 2 3 1
Is there anything wrong with doing it like that? Sometimes there’s alot of time in between and sometimes there’s not.

Also, I’m only doing leg reises for abs. Considering I want an even and proportioned build, is this the correct thing to do? Or should the abs be trained specially by themselves since they are the center of the body?

Alright, can someone just take this workout and set up the rep patterns for me?

Ditto what others are saying always start with the most complex and difficult exercises first (i.e. Oly lifts)

Personally I would lose the leg presses, lunges, and leg raises. Yur squating, deadlifting, and cleaning. Why bother with the other stuff anyway? This is also why you’re probably “hitting the wall” at the end.

If you’re doing both Squats and DL’s you’re probably fine…they are so effective and hit most of the thigh structure rarely need anything else.

I think you’re problem is lack of recovery time between your squats and DL’s. They use alot of the same muscles.

There are many advanced power lifters that only work their DL every 2 weeks (or less). I would suggest working your DL every other back day - i.e. only on the days when there is a day of rest between your leg day and your back day.

I think some of the suggestions on getting rid of some of the supplementary work is a good idea too. You should probably limit yourself to 2 supplementary exercises (i.e. exercises that aren’t Bench/DL/Squat) per workout. However, you should rotate these exercises every 2-3 weeks. Other than that looks like a good program. Tweak it a little now to keep the gains coming, then do a whole new program in 2-3 months.

Along with what some of teh other suggested, i would suggest you raise your level of work capicity through non-weighted and weighted General Physical Preparedness.