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Fatigue, or Sleepiness?


I've been suffering sleepiness not eveyr time i eat, but rather a good 20 minutes after i stop exercizing.

For example most of the times i train twice a day (gym and MA), some others i train 4. I still eat 5 times a day and i feel just fine after eating, i do not feel sleepy. But let's say after exercise i decide i want to watch some tv. I sit and watch but after 10 or so minutes i get really sleepy and if i close my eyes i will fall sleep. It's like as long i keep exercizing i can go forever, but once i stop...the enrgy goes down.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any ideas why this is happeneing? Am i not eating enough? Am i not resting enough?


How many hours of sleep do you get in a night?

Do you have blood sugar issues? My father has this same phenomenon occur and he is hypoglycemic.


I get seven to eight hours of sleep each night approx.

I do not have blood sugar problems. My last blood check was i think like one or two months ago and it was fine.

I am training hard, even when i get 7 or 8 hrs sometimes i feel as if i should stay in bed for another hour or so.


Do you have a post workout shake? with carbs?

Dude, this is NORMAL. If you finish exercise then sit and vegetate, of course your body wants to go to sleep. A good shake, and a nap, might be a great way to recover. Even a ten minute nap. Do it if you can!

Also, lack of fresh air could be dozing you off.


Yeah i have a postworkout shake similar to Surge...but maybe i have not been drinking enough this past few days hmmmm....i'm going to try that today. Thanks

Oh and also i should probably take you on the naps, i think i need a nap though out the day to get me fresh for my next workout, again i will try that today. Thanks.


How long have you been going at it for 2-4 hours a day? Sounds like a fairly mild case of overtraining.

Take a week off.


yeah i've been going for about 4 hrs sometimes more a day (4 to 5 1/2 approx) in the last 3 weeks. 2 hrs are HIT, gym, sport specific etc.

Could you tell me some signs to watch out for overtraining? Thanks.