Fatigue from Slingshot Work is Pretty Weird

I decided I’d add a slingshot day to my other 2 bench days. (Other 2 being CGBP and Regular Bench)

I decided to do slingshot work for high reps as opposed to pushing intensity work. Following SBS-Hypertrophy, I might do something like 230 lbs-ish for 3 sets of 10 and a PR set on the 4th set.

After I take my slingshot off, my upper body feels fresh and like I haven’t worked out. But if I take weight off the bar and try and bench something like 185 raw, it feels like a huge struggle and I feel the systemic fatigue holding me back. That “hidden fatigue” is unlike anything I’ve experienced with other exercises.

I’ll try this “Slingshot for high reps” for a few cycles, leading into my powerlifting meet in a few months. If I don’t feel like I benefit much from it, I’ll do Slingshot work at heavier intensities like it’s traditionally used.