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Fatigue, Anxiety, & Mood During Deload Week

I’m at the end of a deload week and have a powerlifting meet tomorrow. Since Monday this week I’ve been feeling very mentally foggy, fatigued, anxious, and overall feeling down.

I feel like I’m sleeping enough, but could also take a 2 hour nap at any time.

Could this be an effect of deloading?

Not an expert but if you have a meet tomorrow you just finished peaking/intensification before the deload right? Then it’s most likely fatigue from overreaching/intense CNS work

Yeah, I was thinking that maybe the intense work was maybe keeping my nervous system turned on and then when that was pulled away that it just kind of turned off on me. I expected to feel better this week as I recovered which is why I’m thrown off.

Not CT, but:

Sounds more like nerves TBH. If you’ve been deloading you should feel ready to go, unless your deload included too much work. Cant answer that without knowing what you did, or what you did in the two or three weeks leading in.

If I recall you were considering cutting some weight. How has that been going? What did you do. I’m thinking there is a possibility that you might have inadvertently been too aggressive in the cut.

You’re absolutely right to expect to feel better by the day before the meet. Hope it all goes well.

I think it was just getting through a lot of training fatigue. Feeling pretty good this morning and in my neural charge type session yesterday.

Cut went well. I just cut salt and some water yesterday. Weighed in at 81.3kg. Thanks!

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Ok, cool. Best of luck.