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Fatigue and Weight Lifted


hey do you guys ever get a day when for no obvious reason you just cant lift the weight you usually do? i did my record clean last week and went into the gym again today and gave a piss poor attempt at doing it. i stormed out of the gym in a rage and just abandoned the whole session.


Of course. No one can go balls to the wall every time when you lead a regular life. Hell, today is one of those day for me. Its ME day, and I know its gonna be rough. But if it sucks, throw a couple sets of pushups in, do some extra stuff that you like to do, and call it a day. At least you are doing something and not skipping the workout completly.

Storming out of the gym is not called for, its not that bad. Like Johnny Damon says, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you just get rained out".


Exact same thing happened to me. Two weeks ago I hit a record clean and jerk and a current (not record) PR for bench. Then I started getting sick and my workouts were crap last week. It doesn't really matter, I'm starting to feel better and I'll continue going for PR's. If you're not planning on competing anytime soon don't worry about your body telling you to back off every once in awhile, you'll bouce back. (unless you're in a rut for a long time, obviously). And remember, a peak is surrounded by 2 valleys (stolen from Charles Staley, but appropriate).


hey thanks, good to know im not alone! so frustrating though!


i had such a day today - a poor training day..

because of a personal trainer school i attend we were forced to do all kind of training the entire weekend. so essentially instead of getting my friday workout, and then rest sat and sun with plenty of food, i got a hard training at the gym friday, and then more training at school, and then training at school both saturday and sunday. i decided to go and workout today anyway, but i could not complete my boris sheiko workout today. had no chance. had pains in my arms from my heavy gm's friday, and the extra workouts in the weekend.

so what do i do, cut back on the training and let the body heal. trying to eat as much healthy food as possible.

the parametres that decide how you feel are numerous, here are a few from the top of my head.

  1. rest/sleep
  2. nutrition
  3. other stressful factors

there are many things that make or break a workout. but be smart and intelligent, know when to back off and give your body time to heal.

right now i feel more shitty than i've done in a long long time.

the back feels like it is overrun by a truck from all the clean and jerks, snatches, deadlifts and squats, and my arms are totally wrecked as well.

the weight i usually squat with ease was damn heavy today. the bench did also not feel very good. after the workout i got pains in my arms from just unloading the barbell. horrible stuff.

time to rest.


you have described my problem down to a tee. by back is fucked from heavy deadlifts and from my max cleans and because i reached that level last week im hard on myself to achieve it again this week. shooting pains in the forearms as well as a sheer inabilty to shift a weight i would normally do in my sleep. diet wasnt great over the wkend and sleep patterns were poor. maybe i should rest up tommorrow.