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Fatigue after 7 Day Break: Best Recovery Diet Choice?

I think the initial feedback to my question will be that I need to get into more specifics on my training but I wanted to open an honest dialogue about this topic.

My last hard training session was a week ago, and I took 7 days off without doing anything physical. I’m still incredibly sore, lack of motivation, burnt out and my body is craving food 4000% more than when I’m normally training. Sidenote, I did binge drink the 3rd and 4th of July but stayed mostly low carb during the 7 days.

So when you guys hit this point do you binge eat and follow your instinct? Or do you make up for your lack of activity and stay eating clean?

I’m coming close to hitting my fat loss goals and dont want to sabotage them by overeating when I’m in this temporary “funk”.

This seems to be a reocurring cycle for me where I can train with high intensity for 8-12 weeks with only 1-2 rest days a week and then it seems like I am completely apathetic to training for 7-10 days.

Just curious if you guys eat your way out of this or just wait for your body to readjust naturally.

Thanks for your perspective and feedback.