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Father's Day Gift Ideas


Gift card to Home Depot isn't gonna cut it. Ideas anybody?


I'm getting the same gift that led to my inclusion in the first place.


Gift card to Lowe's.


Get his car detailed.
Tics to a ball game/concert/show
Any tool that would make his life easier
Sky diving lesson
Hot laps around a local track
Anything having to do with a hobby or interest
Sports memorabilia
A couple of golf/tennis lessons
Pay for landscaper to clean up yard
An outline of your hand made to look like a turkey?

How much are you looking to spend?


A gift card to the Waffle House.


I saw this Father's Day playlist this morning. A lot of these aren't the type of music my guy likes, but maybe it's a place to start. People have put together Father's Day play lists from country or rap genres too, but those are definitely going to be a fail at my house.

Oh Daddy - Adrian Belew
Things My Father Said - Black Stone Cherry
Box Of Rain - Grateful Dead
A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
Papa?s Got A Brand New Bag - James Brown
Daddy?s Eyes - The Killers
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - U2
Bang The Drum Slowly - Emmylou Harris
Wake Me Up When September Comes - Green Day
This Father?s Day - Peter Himmelman
Papa Was A Rolling Stone - The Temptations
Alive - Pearl Jam
Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin
Father And Son - Cat Stevens
Oh Daddy - Fleetwood Mac
Father And Daughter - Paul Simon
To Daddy - Emmylou Harris
My Father?s House - Bruce Springsteen
Father Of Mine - Everclear
Daddy - PJ Harvey
Papasan - Lush
My Father - This Mortal Coil
Beautiful Boy - John Lennon
My Father's Eyes - Eric Clapton


Of course, a Father's Day playlist for ID would have to include this one. :wink:


A threesome


Hahahaha. Awesome.


My 4 year-old daughter got me a card and a t-shirt that has what looks like a beer logo with a "world's best dad".

My wife got me:

2 sets of training wear (shorts and shirts)
A "ring for blow job" bell
An XXL "After sex clean up (to wipe away your sins)" towel



I mean "PUKE"!




Is that unlimited use on the bell?


Thanks so far, Fellas. And dad is over 60, so we need more mature gift ideas.




A caricature of him from Iron Dwarf.

EDIT: Never mind. Father's day is too close. For some reason I was thinking birthday.


One day I'll pay you to draw a caricature of boobs. I promise.


Gift card at the Bunny Ranch.




If there are limitations, they aren't listed on the bell.