Father's Blood Panel-Advice

Hello T-Nation. I don’t post much but I’ve been following for around 8 years. Anyways, I’m looking for some advice. My father has been feeling really tired/no energy for a while now. (Age 55) Can barely sleep. Depressed. Is a little overweight but not too bad. He carries most of his fat around his stomach. His blood pressure is around 80/152 most of the time. He went to the doctors and got a blood panel done, and the doctors are saying he’s within normal ranges for everything, but I know how doctor’s can be. Normal to them isn’t necessarily optimal.

He was looking to start TRT, but is still debating it. If you guys could check out the results from my dad’s blood lab I would really appreciate it. I’m looking for some advice to give him on what he could change or look out for. Hopefully it’s legible. Thank you.

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